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We Are The Couples Boudoir Photographers

Want to get closer to your love? We believe couples boudoir is more than photography. It's the art of getting close to that special someone in your life. In the hustle and bustle of life we need those moments to get close and celebrate what we have. At Allebach Photography we take time to learn about you and your relationship before we photograph it.

Explore your relationship in a new light, spark that fire, feel alive, adventurous, excited, erotic, sensual, passionate and just plain Sexy AF. Maybe you've never resonated with any of these things. So here is your chance. This might just be the best date you've ever been on. You'll finish with art for your home, that you can look back on and say holy sh*

At Allebach Photography we believe everyone deserves to be close and get quality time and to have artwork that anchors them to their love through Couples Boudoir.

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What is the Couples Boudoir Photography Experience?

Feel Connected
Take your relationship to the next level or bring back the spice! Our photography brings couples closer together. You'll feel sexy from the moment you get your hair and makeup done until you leave the studio. Couples from all around the country and globe visit Allebach Photography's studio 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia.

The Couples Boudoir Photo Experience
During the photo experience you'll get to explore what you love about your relationship and each other. It's fully engaging. We live in a time of hustle and bustle and it's easy to get lost in the day-to-day. We naturally drift away. Allebach Photography will help you bring back the spice. You'll be photographed in the level of clothing you feel most comfortable with. Read more about the Allebach Photography photo experience here.

Every couple crafts artwork from their photo experience. This artwork anchors you to the moments and things you love best about your partner. Imagine waking up everyday and seeing beautiful artwork created from your bodies on display in your room.

Every couple deserves a couples session because life is too short to feel distant. Get closer and then get closer in the studio. Call us today at 610.539.6920 or visit our contact page

Couples Boudoir FAQ

How much clothing do we have to take off?
Just get as comfortable as you want. A couples boudoir session is very similar to a couple session which is fully clothed. So it’s up to you. Most couples get fully nude at the end of their session wrapped in a sheet. Some couples keep their shirts on. This is what makes the session adventurous, you might decide what you think you’ll want to do and during the session get more nude than you thought!

Are your photos of professional models?

No, we do have "model calls" to find people comfortable with sharing their photos. We do not photograph professional models for couples boudoir though.

Is my boss going to see these photos? Are they private?

All of our sessions are private for your eyes only unless you decide you want to do a model call or sign a model release. Most of our clients are private people.

Can I just watch you photograph my partner?

Sure you can watch us photograph your partner but you have to be in a few pictures yourself. It’s only fair. Just as friends are allowed to come alone for our regular Boudoir session when they book their own session, we allow for watching. Positive vibes only.

Are you LGBTQ & Poly Friendly?
The majority of weddings we photograph are LGBTQ. We've been photographing LGBTQ couples for over 10 years.

Do we get to have sex?

Couples boudoir is over an hour of foreplay. Depending on your definition of sex, this might be. These are meant to be beautiful photos for your home. Squeezing, hugging, caressing, holding and grabbing is what we photograph. We are creating art you’ll want to hang in your home. We can photograph you both full nude if you’d like but we don’t photograph penetration or make films. Nobody does but hey if you need to finish what you started feel free to do so quietly together when I’m done photographing - just take the sheets with you!

Can you fly to us?

Yes we can, just ask. Most couples in the end decide it's better to come to our specialized studio in the Philadelphia suburbs and make a weekend getaway of it. Because who doesn't need more quality time together?

Can you tell us about the Couples Boudoir Weekend Package?
As most of our couples are from out of states, we are partnering with local hotels for special rates and activities on couples boudoir, hotel and brunch packages. As they are available we'll post more options.

What happens if I get aroused?

If it happens, it's natural. If it doesn’t that is fine too. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. We do everything to make you comfortable. I tend to crop in a bit more on the upper body when it happens unless you request otherwise. Couples boudoir is about getting closer and connecting. Letting the world around us fade away. When we feel free, our bodies respond in kind. Rest assured you will feel comfortable being photographed, every couple does. If you need to take a break you can. Since this is the focus of my business, you are in good hands, each others ;)

Do you offer hair & makeup for couples boudoir?

Yes, we designed a whole room for that! Hair & Makeup for 1 person is included. If you both want hair & makeup please let us know so that we can make arrangements.

Can I bring booze?

You can bring 1 bottle of beer or champagne along if you'd like. You need much less liquid courage than you might think!

Do you make films?

No, I'm not a videographer. I stick to making art work for people's homes whether it’s albums or wall art.

How long does the process take?

You are at the studio for around 4 hours between hair & makeup, photographing and creating art for your home. Couples generally take a day off from work or fly in and spend the weekend connecting.

When do we design the art?

Almost always right after the photo session. We put together a little slide show of your hot couples photography and you'll see them in our reveal space.

Every couple deserves couples boudoir because life is too short. Call us today at 610.539.6920 or visit our contact page

Every couple deserves intimate, sensual, couples boudoir. Call us today at 610.539.6920 or visit our contact page