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"Wonderful experience all around! I never felt more beautiful and confident. This day was so intimate and incredible. Mike was able to capture our relationship perfectly. My makeup looked amazing, and I felt comfortable right away. For the first time in my life, I saw what my husband sees and tells me every day. I cannot wait to see our photos, and I will definitely be booking another shoot soon. Highly recommended!"

"I wanted something special to give my husband for our 10th anniversary. I originally chose Allebach Photography because of the quality of the photos I saw on line. So, I set up a call with Mike, bit the bullet and booked a shoot. I am so glad I did! Mike is easy to work with. He made me at ease and reminded me that I was completely in control of what we did. He gave me so much confidence that by the end of the shoot I was completely goofing off and ended up with some incredible shots for the album. My husband was shocked and thrilled with his gift! He couldn’t believe how well it turned out. I can’t thank Mike for making a potentially awkward situation so much fun, and for making this happen on tight schedule to be able to gift this to my husband in time for our anniversary."

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