Couples Boudoir New Jersey
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Couples Boudoir New Jersey

Couples Boudoir New Jersey

Your couples boudoir photographs will blow your mind. We are a 45 minute drive from New Jersey. We serve clients from North and South Jersey including Jersey City, Cape May, Trenton, Camden, Stockton and more.

Recent Allebach Photography Review

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"We initially selected Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography to take some photos of us for our 20th anniversary with the thought that we would have a beautiful framed photo as a result. What we envisioned and what we ended up with was literally a million-fold better – and that is not an exaggeration.
Mike spoke with each of us separately prior to the shoot and then we set a time and date for the shoot. Mike suggested the Philadelphia Art Museum during the ‘golden hour’ at the end of the day. I cannot even begin to tell you what a fantastic time we had with Mike and the actual shoot was an amazing experience full of fun and laughter.
The photos were taken all around the Art Museum and Schuylkill River area and while it was a busy crowded day; Mike managed to frame the shots so it looked as if we were the only one there. Many have asked if we cleared the area for our photoshoot because of Mike’s skillful photography.
The resulting images were also amazing and instead of one framed photo, we ended up with a beautiful 6 foot collage of photos printed on metal that is now a prominent art installation in our home. We also ended up choosing fifty (50) – yes, FIFTY – of the images Mike shot that day for our collection.
Mike absolutely did a fantastic job and created amazing works of art out of two ordinary people who have been together for twenty years. Everyone who sees the photos and knows us always says that the photos are “absolutely you guys”.
I should mention that we are a gay male couple and Mike was very comfortable with us as we were with him; he is very easy to work with and truly one of the most laid back photographers I have known – and I have known many. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mike Allebach to any straight, gay, trans-gendered or any other flavor of person for any photos they may want from boudoir to personal to professional. He is truly an amazing and gifted artist/photographer."

Location: Jersey City, NJ.