Best Couples Boudoir Poses
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Best Couples Boudoir Poses

Best Couples Boudoir Poses

Start with this image. The couple is photographed overhead at the Allebach Photography studios near Lancaster. We have dozens of different poses for couples portraits. From the tame to the completely hot and sexy, we'll get you into 50 shades of love in no time.

Overhead Poses

Overhead poses are loved by Allebach Photography couples because they are like a fly on the wall. They show the couple in love from an angle they have never seen before.

Downlow Poses

This takes skill because photographing a couple below can create insecurities in couples. We eliminate these insecurities by making sure your couples boudoir posing is flattering.

Flattering Poses

Many photographers new to couples boudoir lack the skills in making flattering poses. We are body positive and allow couples to be themselves. We also know what poses couples like!

When you are ready for the best couples boudoir portraits, give us a ring at 610-539-6920.

Location: Lancaster, Pa.