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Why I Photography Philadelphia Boudoir

Why Philadelphia Boudoir?

A little bit about why I do what I do! Photography is a powerful tool for women to use in the pursuit of reclaiming their bodies. It's an empowering experience that helps them see themselves as beautiful and desirable after they have been shamed, judged or had many other negative experiences with body image. Sometimes it can be hard to believe this when you are just looking at yourself every day but I promise there will come a time where you love your own skin so much more than how someone else sees it.

How I found my boudoir motivation

I was always interested in creative endeavors as a child, but it wasn’t until recent years that the drive to create became too strong to ignore. Creative inspirations can come from many avenues: family dynamics, self-discovery and introspection or simply browsing for something new on Pinterest one day. But with me - artful inspiration came when my friend asked if she could get boudoir photos done by her photographer of choice.

Location: Philadelphia, Pa.