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Philadelphia Area Boudoir Photographers

Philadelphia Area Boudoir Photographers

You deserve to feel and look beautiful. We photograph every body at Allebach Photography.

Here is what Jackie said about her session:

"I first met Mike at the Philadelphia tattoo convention. I immediately felt comfortable talking to him and asking him questions. Initially I was nervous to spend money on myself and commit to doing a photography session, but I've always wanted to get in touch with a different part of myself and feel sexy. After more talking, I decided to commit to spending money on myself (which is a big deal for me) but it was 125% worth it. We talked before my scheduled appointment at the studio, and he answered all of the questions I had. It was really nice, because even though I had signed up for a boudoir shoot, he immediately made it clear that it was about what makes me feel good. We talked about the things that make me feel sexy, and from there I thought about what I might want to wear or not wear. It was nice that he brought up options that aren't necessarily 'bra and panty' shoots. I feel empowered in my vests, so I brought those along. And talking to him, both at the convention, and before my scheduled shoot, helped me to think about what I felt good in, and how I wanted to be portrayed.
After getting to the studio, which is very easy by train, I was completely at ease. I have never gotten my make-up done, but both Mike and the make-up artist made sure I was comfortable. We looked over some of the things I was wearing, and then went from there. I don't wear make-up on the daily, so I had no idea what a transformation there would be! While at the same time, still looking and feeling very much like myself. The time that was spend on my make-up made me feel important, special, and really ready to get my inner-model out.
The photoshoot, was hands down, the best part. Mike has an eye for what you want to get. He opens up the space to let you be yourself, and capture the essence of who you are, while also giving you options to explore a different side of yourself. And the whole time he's giving the direction to bring it out, while getting the best shot. I laughed so much. I re-fell in love with my body, because the focus was feeling good in my skin, so I forgot to worry about what it was going to look like. Mike took care of that.
Initially I was nervous to see the final results, because I wasn't sure they'd live up to what I wanted them to be. But they were so much better! Looking at them, I felt amazing. It was surprising how he was able to capture me in such a short period of time. There were so many good photos it was hard to choose which ones I liked. But Mike was amazing. He worked with me to figure out which ones would be best for me to get, or the best way for me to get all of the ones I really wanted. The whole process was amazing, and I left feeling like a queen. I cannot thank Mike enough for such a great experience and for such wonderful photos that were captured so well, that I'll be so glad to have and to look back at."

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