Love Notes: Marren & Nick 9-16-2012

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”FB4ED2″] W[/dropcap]e couldn’t be more pleased with how our wedding pictures came out!! Mike captured all the great moments, that in reviewing our photos i started to actually cry!! [pull_quote_right] The quality of the pictures is unmatched, we had looked into a lot of photographers and Mike from Allebach Photography is easily the best! [/pull_quote_right] My maid of honor just got engaged and loved his work so much she is going to have him shoot her wedding!!

Thank you so much for capturing our special day, no one else could have done better if they tried! I recommend Allebach to anyone who wants unforgettable photos, and a great experience! mike will make you feel so comfortable, by the end of your day you will feel like you’ve known him forever! Allebach Photography is simply the best! As a tattooed bride I couldn’t have asked for more


Minerva & Nabil

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”ffff00″] M[/dropcap]y husband and I used Mike for a Trash the Dress photo shoot, the photos are fantastic! Not only did he listen to our ideas, but he also expanded on them, coming up locations to shoot, bringing props and taking the time to make sure things went smoothly. We have received so many compliments from people on how great these photos look. We recommend him to everyone, and are already planning our next shoot!”


Barbara & Adam

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”FB4E93″] M[/dropcap]ike Allebach, and his assistant for the day, were AMAZING. Exactly the type of pictures I wanted (candid, more in the moment, than pose and click), I felt their prices were very reasonable, and I’ve been recommending them to anyone I know that is in the process of getting married. I felt very comfortable talking to Mike and emailing his Office Manager, nothing felt too formal or forced. I’m actually getting some “Trash the Dress” pictures taken by Allebach because I loved BOTH my Wedding photos AND my Engagement Photos.


Kristina and Shanna

Philly Wedding Photographer Allebach Photography

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”ffff00″] A[/dropcap]MAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are with Mike &  their Office Ninja Becca! They made us feel comfortable, answered our questions, were very professional and flexible. The engagement pictures were, (not to sound redundant) AMAZING! We can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Side-note: Not for your ordinary bride – these photos are artistic, fun, edgy, and cool. If you’re an offbeat bride, they’ll be PERFECT for you!

Paola & Dan

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”FB4E93″] I[/dropcap] had an amazing experience with Mike and Rachel. From the minute we met with them for our pre-wedding consultation to Mike coming to my house to help me pick out photos for our album they exceeded my expectations on every count. They were really flexible and graciously dealt with my mother’s more traditional photography requests. Four years later I love my wedding photos and still pull out my album to look at all the fun we had that day. Allebach Photography does not disappoint.”

– Paola

Tattoo Stories: Tanya

Lets just say, my life hasn’t been what you’d call easy. I’m not complaining, I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m simply stating fact. I do everything backwards, and i ONLY learn lessons the hard way. Its really just who I am.

So, after a tumultuous childhood and a string of shitty relationships with boys that needed a mother and not a girlfriend, i found myself pregnant by a guy I’d been “casually dating” for 4 months. I had just gotten a new job at a prison, (yup, I said prison) and I thought that my only option was to make it work, so for the duration of my pregnancy, and the first year of my sons life, that’s what I did. I tried, and tried, and tried… while he  stole from me, lied to me, bounced from job to job, and made it his daily goal to make me feel unattractive, worthless and sad.

And then, I broke. I couldn’t pretend anymore, his lies made me a liar. I needed to do better, to BE better for my baby!! I decided that it was over.

The first time that I met my husband I was 7 months pregnant. I asked my Lt who the hot new Sgt was, and she told me to keep my crazy pregnant hormones in check. I worked for another month, and then went out on a 6 month maternity leave. I had so much drama in my life, that i just kind of forgot about that really cool tattooed Sgt with the buddy holly glasses.

The first time that I really “saw” my husband, was after I’d returned from maternity leave. I was dropping off paperwork to our headquarters when Brad came to retrieve a schedule. We exchanged some small talk and then I noticed that his eyes were two different colors. The sunlight hit his face in such a fashion that my breath stuck in my throat. i looked down to compose myself, and noticed the swallows tattooed on the backs of his hands. I grabbed one, and started very excitedly asking him about them. I told him that I’d always wanted swallows,  but never really knew how i wanted to incorporate them into a tattoo… then I realized that I was standing in the middle of the hallway, at my place of work, holding and literally stroking this guys hand that I didn’t even know! I have this extreme talent of making awkward situations even more awkward, so of course that’s what I did, and abruptly left the situation.

For whatever reason, he was cool with this. A few days later he called me in my office, offered me his phone number, and we made arrangements to go out that week. we kissed at the end of our first date. I fell in love at that very moment, in the third parking spot, at the TGI Fridays in Mount Laurel, NJ. We moved in together after our third date.

Bradley is the inspiration behind my tattoo. Those red swallows swooped into my life so completely unexpectedly, and very literally took my broken heart and sewed it back together. I am more whole now then I have ever been, and I have my husband, our two children, a pair of swallows, and that awkward moment in the middle of a prison to thank for that.

Tattoo Stories: Lyssa

The three mast ship on my right thigh is there in honor of my dad. He died when I was fifteen, in a motorcycle accident on August 15, 2009. He was a biker who was covered in tattoos, so I knew immediately I wanted to get a tattoo in his memory. It seemed like the only thing to do. After he died, I was a confused, truth-starved, story-seeking, wisdom-hunting teenager for about a year and a half. Sixteen was not so sweet for me. Almost a full year after he passed away, my aunt, my cousin, my dad’s best friend, and I went to the beach and sailed out on a ship a few miles into the ocean where we sprinkled my dad’s ashes. In that moment, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I looked down into the salty waters to see the ashes spiraling, down, down, down, becoming one with the earth and its waters. And I swore to myself that I saw his face one last time in those swirling ashes (if you’ve never seen this, its similar to how cream swirls into coffee). On the ride back to shore, my foot was burning and stinging pretty bad. I looked down to see a small cut on my foot, irritated by the salt water that was splashing onto it over and over as we sailed.

My dad loved the ocean and always had, he often went fishing with his father, and my best memories of my dad are on the beach or in the sun at least. I decided to get a ship and waves because the whole experience of losing my dad took me on a journey… a voyage. It taught me that each person has their own journey to experience, that no journey is better or more significant or superior than another, but most of all that every journey, every life, has a God-given purpose. My heavenly Father had sent me on a journey, and this was all part of it. I could not allow myself to be a ship wreck anymore, I had to pick up the pieces and sail on! Yes, my dad would always be with me, in the waters underneath me and in my past, but this could not prevent me from going places, loving people, and seizing the day. It had to be the power that pushed me on; not the thing that held me back. It had to be what kept my ship buoyant; not what I crashed into. I had to let the salt water heal my cuts, so that I could get on with my journey.

– Lyssa

Anna (Family Photos)

“I have been amazed by Mike Allebach’s engagment and wedding photography for so long that I’ve been just waiting to be able to use them. There aren’t a lot of family portraits on the website, but I decided to chance it and hire him to shoot 18-month “portraits” of my daughter. I couldn’t be happier. He was SO great with my daughter, he just let her run around, play with her toys, he kept smiling and making noises and getting her to laugh. I can never get great pictures of her because she is so fascinated by cameras that she ends up having this super confused look on her face in every shot. Not in Mike’s – she is smiling and laughing in every single picture. With another photographer I worked with to have Molly’s 6 months pictures taken, the photographer charged extra for each person in the photos – not Mike. He took shots of her, me, us, my boyfriend, my stepmom, and my best friend – with Molly and without. Anyway, I have to get back to fawning over my photos now, but I just have to tell anyone considering hiring Allebach – do it. You will be over the moon.”

– Anna

Helen & Joe

“Mike and Rachel excel in every category. We had to change our date and venue and they accommodated both! Their pricing is totally competitive-was the best I had found in the area, and their work is incredible.”

– Helen

Nate & Katie

“These guys are great!!! My sister used them for her wedding, I used them for mine and I’ve recommended them to dozens of my friends (many of whom have used them to much acclaim). Not just high quality, but originality of approach. Go with Allebach all the way!”


Jen & Mike

“Mike shot our engagement photos and also our wedding, which was at the Princeton University Chapel. I actually met Mike through a recommendation from a friend of mine, who got married in November of 2006. I then recommended him to another friend of mine who is getting married in September. Needless to say, we were thrilled with his work!

Mike was fabulous to work with. He is really personable and extremely talented. When we had our final meeting before the wedding, every one of my possible anxieties about the schedule and the photos were put to rest. We had a tight schedule due to the timing of my hair appointment and the start of the ceremony, so my schedule was going to be a bit rushed for the entire morning. Mike and his assistant were at the hotel shooting my bridesmaids before I even got there. They got great shots of the girls and I getting ready (even though it was only about a 20 minute period). We also had a short time at the chapel as there was another wedding an hour after ours ended…Mike had to work quickly but it didn’t phase him at all.

Mike had the list of must take photos that he suggested I give him and made sure not to miss any. He worked with our schedule in terms of getting the grandparent and parent photos right after the ceremony so that they could get to the cocktail hour first. He got every shot that we asked for and more. He really captured the emotion of the day and I couldn’t be happier with our photos.

The point is.. I HIGHLY recommend him.”




“Allebach Photography does an AMAZING job. We used them to take our engagement pictures at Eastern State Pen. We have received SO MANY compliments from all of our friends, and have recommended them to everyone. They were able to make a prison look like a beautiful place to go to! Very CREATIVE!”

– Kelli

What’s with Tattooed Brides?

Tattooed Bride

We heart tattooed brides

Our passion has always been photographing unique and creative couples.

Rachel & I first met while I was in a punk rock band. Before photographing weddings, we photographed punk bands. Maybe that helps explain the tattooed bride thing. When we started over 5 years ago, wedding photography was well…kind of boring. We thought how can we add the same energy that went into punk rock? We starting seeking out tattooed brides and that is how the tattooed bride discount came about.

We’ve had weddings in prisons, in the snow, outside and historic churches, buildings and bars. Our engagement and post wedding sessions have included paint throwing, day of the deading, bar hopping, dress burning and earth moving machinery. Let us capture your creative wedding!

We are a cutting edge studio, ask us about unique photos mounted on eco-friendly bamboo & metal and custom
designed coffee table albums.