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Tattooed Bride and Tattooed Groom
Tattooed Brides & Groom by Allebach Photography
Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza – It’s all about EWE 2!!
Sunday 24th March 2013 in Birmingham
What happens when three slightly mad wedding suppliers come together? They hatch a crazy plan….that’s what!!  When Sassy (Assassynation), Jo (Couture Company) and Vikki (Liliia) got nattering over a glass of wine (standard)  they decided  that they would put on a Wedding Extravaganza with a real mix of suppliers
“We want to put on an amazing wedding extravaganza (aka fair) that would be exciting for both the suppliers and  couples alike, so we hatched a plan  “A-team” style (Hannibal Smith would be proud)..
The first show back in November 2012 was an amazing success (kat from Rock n roll bride said it was THE best show she had ever been too!) and was so well received we couldn’t resist the cries from couples and Mo Flo’s alike of “When are EWE putting on another show???” So with one show under our belts we have launched EWE2!!  This will be held on the 24th March 2013 at Fazeley Studios in Birmingham…with lots more awesome suppliers.
The idea is that we want people to shake off the shackles of what is considered ‘normal’ or ‘traditional’ and to take their own personalities and loves and stamp them on their weddings.  With that in mind we have picked suppliers who can help EWE do that!
This is no ordinary wedding show, the suppliers aka the Baad Ass Mother Flockers have been chosen and invited based on their personalities, the quality of their end product and the fact that they offer something unique. White linen covered trestle tables are discouraged and hard sells are banished, we want you to come along, have a drink and a good old natter to the Mother Flockers that catch your eye.  The Mo Flo’s are being challenged to create stands that are totally unique and interactive. As well as having awesome Mo Flo’s at the show, we will be running some competitions, having a fashion walkabout/ramble and organising a treasure hunt!
So we are putting a call out to all you gamers, goths, geeks, rockabillies,  psychobillies, off the walls, mods and rockers, steampunks, new punks, old punks, flappers ,happy clappers, hipsters and hell-raisers, bohemians, folks who are inked and pinked, or if Ewe just want YOU to shine through.
We hope to offer you some things that are really EWEnique for your weddings.
Our Motto:-
“Don’t be a wedding sheep…it’s all about EWE!!! “
Our venue, Fazeley Studios, was chosen due to the fact it is such a gorgeous space (and yes they do have weddings there) with tons of natural light to show off our Mo Flo’s work in the best possible way.
We will have a themed café so you can have a drink and something to eat as well as a wedding dress walkabout to showcase some of the gorgeous frocks.  There will also be a fun-tastic treasure hunt where answers to clues can be found on the Mo Flo’s stands.  We want EWE to get involved, pick stuff up, take a good look, really check out the Mo Flo’s and ask them tons of questions as they are all a super friendly bunch.
One thing we can assure you of is that it will be a fun day out, with tons of giveaways, lots to learn and see and not one bit like a ‘normal’ wedding fair!
Why not see who’s going to be there? Take a nose round our site! More suppliers will be added over the coming weeks.
Mo Flo’s already signed up include Emma Case photography, Shutterbox Films, Hat Therapy, prior Engagement Gowns, Revive Me Boutique, The Conjurer’s kitchen, Chris Barber, Little Ruby Red Cake toppers, Disco Wed, The rebel party band, Crown and Glory, Toast of Leeds, Elbie Van Eeden Make up Artist, The Vintage Salon to name but a few……
Check our website for a full list of Mo Flo’s
Have a ramble around the site, register and get your tickets early at a BAAAAArgain price of £3 YES!!! EWE heard right…..only £3 !!!!

Call in sick and get a tattoo

Call in sick and get a tattoo!

Feel free to pin this one!

Tattoo - Call in Sick and get a tattoo
Or book Allebach Photography for your wedding!


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Best Alternative Father Daughter Dance Songs

Best Father Daughter Dance Songs!

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Finding the perfect Father Daughter Dance Song can be a difficult task.  So many overdone “classics” you’d rather never hear.  Too many cheesy father daughter dance songs that make you gag a little.  The moment when your father dances with you on your wedding day should be special but you don’t have to choose a song that has been done to death.  Growing up are there any songs that stand out in your mind?  Something your dad played in the station wagon/van/SUV on the way to a special place.  I can’t remember any either.  So here is my list of Alternative to the normal Father Daughter Dance songs.

So here is my top 20 alternative father daughter dance songs:

  1. Forever – Dropkick Murphy’s
  2. Punk Rock Girl – The Dead Milkmen
  3. A Little More – Skillet
  4. Changes –Kelly Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne
  5. When You Need Me – Bruce Springsteen
  6. Go – Plumb
  7. Forever Young – Bob Dylan
  8. Gracie – Ben Folds
  9. Sweet Child of Mine – Guns N’ Roses
  10. In My Life – The Beatles
  11. My Hero – Foo Fighters
  12. Thank You – Dido
  13. Winter – Tori Amos
  14. 100 Years – Five for Fighting
  15. My Darling – Wilco
  16. The Little Birds – Bob Marley
  17. Blackbird – The Beatles
  18. You Never Can Tell – Chuck Berry
  19. Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper
  20. Baby Doll – Chuck Berry

What are your favorite father daughter dance songs?
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by Mike Allebach
The Tattooed Bride Photographer Guy

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Tattooed Brides in Russia

So in the world of weirder events. I was video blogged about in Russia.  Honestly I have no idea what this dude is saying but friends who can translate said it’s all good.  Take time to watch the Russian tattooed bride video.

Tattooed Brides in Russia

photography tattooed bride video

Tattooed Bride: Marren & Nick’s Wedding

Tattooed Bride & Tattooed Groom Marren & Nick’s wedding on a photo slideshow for your enjoyment.

Be sure to ask about our Tattooed Bride discount! According to Rock n Roll bride, we’re the “Original Tattooed Bride Photographers

philadelphia photography video

Tattooed Brides: I Love New York Video

Tattooed brides be sure to check out our latest wedding video.

So there is a little digital socery in this Tattooed Bride I Love New York Video. It’s fun though.


Fearless Award – 2013

Fearless Photographers released their latest collection of amazing wedding pictures from the world’s best wedding photographers. 1,800 of the world’s boldest wedding photographers are associated in this group. We are honored to receive our first award after just joining in the summer of 2012. Congratulations to all the winners! View all of the winning images.

Fearless Wedding Photographer Award

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Wedding Wire Reviews

Photography-Philadelphia-Review-Allebach Photography Philadelphia Wedding Photography Reviews Philly Wedding Photographer Review Best Philadelphia Wedding Photographer Philadelphia Wedding Photographer Review Allebach Photography Review

camera reviews

Camera of the Year – 2012

Two camera’s this year caught my eye for doing something no other cameras have done in their price range before.  I thought them both deserving of my camera of the year award.  Many people ask me for recommendations for cameras and if you are in the market, you’ll won’t be disappointed in either.

Sony RX100 20MP  (approx $650)

The Sony packs a serious punch.  When it was released The New York Times named it “The Best Pocket Camera Ever Made”.  The problem with most pocket size cameras is not their “megapixels” but their sensor size.  Sensor size is muuuuuucccchhh more important than megapixels.  Professional cameras have big sensors and pocket cameras have small meaning you get crappy photos.  The Sony packed a pro size sensor, professional quality lens, fast autofocus (you’ll catch your kids in focus now) and a whole ton of features that professionals love.  But anyone can use this camera!


Nikon D600 24.3 MP (approx $2000)

The Nikon ended up being a purchase for our business this year and I love this camera.  It was the lowest price Full Sensor (see a theme here about sensor size) on the market when it came out. The image quality out of the sensor is unbelievable.  I can’t recommend this camera enough.  It’s quick to autofocus (not as quick as a D3s or D4 though.)  24 megapixels allows for more cropping of images after the photo is taken.  Dual slots allow me to backup photos to a 2nd card which provides extra peace of mind. The video quality and ability to plug in a mic, blew me away as well.  I reviewed this camera extensively on Amazon.


Runner Up 

I love the Nikon D3200 for photos and video also.  It is a great first DSLR to own.  Read my review at Amazon for more details.

guest post philadelphia video Wedding Planning Tips

Best Philadelphia Wedding Venue – Please Touch Museum

We sat down and asked Erin Proud of Proud to Plan what her favorite wedding venue in Philadelphia is and spent time talking about the Please Touch Museum.  This would be a perfect venue in Philadelphia for our clients!

Photos with Strangers

Philadelphia, Pa | Photos with Strangers

I think there is something amazing about getting to meet interesting people.  We talked about how complicated his boots were to lace and tie.  I love the freedom that comes with asking “Can I have a photo with you?”


Successful Photographers vs. Starving Artists

starving artists vs successful photographers infographic
Click to make awesome (and bigger)

Talking to new wedding photographers can be scary.  I see them making the same mistakes I made.  Charging to little (to make a profit).  Not getting help when they need it.  Not outsourcing when they really should and trying to do it all.  After reading The Four Hour Work WeekThe E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It & StandOut: The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution .  I have come to the conclusion that Successful Photographer Entrepreneurs do a few things.  The most important of those things is letting go of certain tasks to focus on jobs only you can do.

It is my hope that you’ll get something out of the graphic above.

Remember, if you aren’t charging enough for someone else to do a part of your job, you AREN’T charging enough for you to do that part of your business.

Please share!


Mike Allebach

guest post Wedding Planning Tips

What Truly Matters on Your Wedding Day by Jesse Blum

“Jesse Blum is one of the amazing Celebrants we recommend.   She is also featured on Offbeat Bride and coincidentally we had asked her to write us an article a few weeks ago.  Her ceremony of Jennifer & Jack blew me away.  I had never quite heard anything like it.  I highly recommend her!” – Mike Allebach (hey that’s me)

Jessie Blum Eclectic Unions
Celebrant Jesse Blum of at Recent Allebach Photography
Wedding with Jennifer & Jack.

Choosing the person who is going to marry you is hard. You want someone who “gets” you, who can share a little bit of your relationship and your love with all of your guests. That’s what I do. Often times, after weddings, guests come up to me or the couple, and they think that I must have known them for years, or that the couple themselves wrote the ceremony. By capturing the details of the everyday, the relationship, and the love that my couples share, I create unique wedding ceremonies that really speak to who they are, and, more importantly, what their marriage will be like. Because, in the end, that’s why we’re all here, right? Because two people loved each other enough that they want to stand up in front of their family and friends and make promises and vows and be with one another for the rest of their lives.

A lot of time, with wedding planning, we get bogged down in details – what color our shoes or nail polish should be, what the flowers will look like, where Aunt Julie is going to sit at the reception. By taking some time to concentrate on the ceremony, and make it into a special and personal moment, instead of just using a standard script or readings, you can share a little bit of your lives and relationship with your guests through the ceremony, enabling them to really “feel your love” and commitment to each other.

One of my favorite elements is to create a custom ritual for my couples, one that is really tailored to them. You may have heard of the more standard wine ceremony – maybe they can share a glass of wine that was purchased at the vineyard they were engaged at. Or go a little more than that – what other beverages do they like to share? I had a couple who did a cider sharing ceremony, cider they had brewed themselves for the wedding! Or what about a twist on the sand ceremony, where colored sand is poured into a vessel to represent their coming together – what about a tasty twist, like salt and pepper or colored candies? Or a family twist, like sand from the beaches they went to as kids?

And then, of course, there is the personal story. I like to find fun stories that capture a couple’s relationship – oftentimes, these are their engagement or first date or first kiss, but I had a couple where we instead shared the story of them going to see a space shuttle launch. It was unusual, but really showed their perseverance, their love, and their passion.

There is so much that a Celebrant can do with a wedding – so many directions to go in, so many ways to personalize it and make it fun. Because, in the end, we want to have fun – this is a wedding, after all!

Make sure to stop by and visit her site


Jesse Blum is committed to creating personal and unique ceremonies!

Your wedding ceremony is the key element and centerpiece of your whole wedding celebration, and I work closely with my couples to create a ceremony that truly reflects who you and your partner are, and your love and commitment for each other. All traditions, religions, backgrounds, and life choices are honored and accepted. Together, we will create your ideal ceremony – and I promise it will be touching, funny, and a special moment that you, your family and friends will remember forever.

As a wedding officiant and certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I am passionate about creating original and beautiful ceremonies.



Should I Become a Wedding Photographer?

Should I Become a Wedding Photographer
Click to enlarge “Should I Become a Wedding Photographer”

Maybe your were at a wedding recently and saw a photographer at work or picked up a new camera and are having fun.  I put this helpful graphic together to guide you in your new career choice.  This is a must see for aspiring wedding photographers ;).

philadelphia Wedding Planning Tips

Best Philadelphia Wedding Photo Locations

So you are looking for Philadelphia’s Best Wedding Photo locations.  We explore some of Philly’s hidden gems in this video with Erin Proud of Proud to Plan.


Get more wedding tips by Allebach Photography here:

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How to choose a wedding makeup artist

Finding The Makeup Artist match for YOU
We all want to look our best on our wedding day. Why would we want anything less? When it comes to finding the right person for the job how do you know it will turn out the way you expect it to? Calling your salon and scheduling an appointment for your big day isn’t the end of the line when selecting a makeup artist. You’ll want to make sure the person is a good fit for you, your attendants, and wedding genre.

Tips to finding a great makeup artist:


  • It’s essential that your artist is a good listener. You want your makeup artist to be able to envision your ideas and the ability to carry out the look you are want to emulate. Since your makeup artist has a set amount of time to work with you you’ll want to have some visual aids readily available to help interprit the look you are wanting. Too much information can also eat up the valuable time you have with your makeup artist. The important things you’ll want to share are: pics of your attire, the way your hair will be styled, makeup looks you found that you liked, the time of day, as well as weather your wedding will be indoor or outdoor. If your makeup artsist is an experienced one he or she will be able to customise your application to suit your occasion.
  • Your makeup artist should be reliable and professional so it’s best to choose a reputable business that you can trust. It may may cost a few dollars more but well worth it. You will want the lasting looks of your amazing day when you reflect upon it in your photo’s
  • Does your salon / makeup artist offer the services you need? – Is he / she experienced with photography makeup?  Do they offer eyelash applications, long-last makeups, or makeup to purchase? Will your artist meet with you for a trial run? Is traveling to your location an option? Does the facility offer skin care services and brow shaping & other hair removal services? In my studio we have bride’s come in for a trial run prior to the actual wedding day to try on a few makeup looks and to discuss their skin care needs well in advance.
  • Does the artist utilize clean or disposable tools? The last thing a bride needs is a case of conjunctavitis or a cold sore on the morning of her big day. The best way to check is to watch their habbits during a trial run. If the makeup artist is using mascara without disposeable wands and lipstick right from the tube it’s best to assume this is the same routine for all of his or her clients. I’d run the other direction alcohol wipes in hand. LOL
  • Do you like the makeup artists work and personality. I think it is essential to not only like the person’s work but to be able to get along with their personality. That way you have positive memories about your special day and feel great about yourself too.


 The right application of makeup can having you looking absolutely stunning on your special day. If you are wanting a more subtle yet practical makeup application you may entertain the idea of permanent cosmetics. Maybe the look of drawn on eyebrows seems to artificial for you. Hair stroke eyebrow tattooing is our most popular procedure we do next to eyeliner which is our second. Having the look of real hair in a natural color designed for your specific facial shape creates an amazing frame for the rest of your face. It makes the rest of your makeup application so much easier when brows are strategically placed and proportioned to the face. It makes everyday makeup application a cinch, it’s waterproof and completely customizable. Eyeliner, and lip color make for a fresh, smear-free, appearance. The convenience and benefits out way the cost which can run anywhere between 600-900 depending of your desired look. The best part is it lasts for a few years! It makes a great wedding gift, and keeps you looking great throughout your honeymoon too!
Check out for a full list of our services.
How to choose a wedding makeup artist
Valerie Weber, CPCP, LE
Owner of Dermagrafix PC Studio
Valerie’s passion in permanent cosmetics began with her talent in makeup artistry and love for aesthetics. In 2000 Valerie obtained her Esthetician’s license and began her career as a clinical esthetician. Most of her experience was attained practicing in plastic surgery offices where she performed chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and IPL treatments. Valerie followed her interest in permanent cosmetics in 2001 seeing how it would nicely complement the aesthetic part of her training and also give her an artistic outlet. Valerie discovered a natural passion for cosmetic tattooing during her initial training which led her to pursuit more advanced techniques later on. Valerie has attended many training courses by other industry leaders to hone her techniques. In 2003 Valerie returned to her hometown of Doylestown, Pennsylvania where she founded Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio.
average cost Wedding Planning Tips

Average cost for flowers for wedding?


Q: What is the average cost for flowers for wedding?

A: According to The Wedding Report the amount for the Philadelphia / Montgomery County, Pa area is $2,363.  Remember 50-100% higher for in demand florists and these are only averages.  As always you usually get what you pay for with florists.

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The Roaring 20s

Roaring 20s: My Heart, My Love

“He was an earnest man at least, if only he was the marrying type. Those were the words she repeated to herself.”

[Roaring 20s flapper session photographed on location in Philadelphia, pa]


Wedding Planning Tips

What is the average cost of a Philadelphia Wedding?

Tattooed Couple in LoveQuestion: What is the average cost of a Philadelphia Wedding?

Answer: The average cost of a Philadelphia wedding is: $37,014 according to a survey by theWeddingChannel.

The average cost of a wedding in Montgomery County, Pa is a bit lower at $30,800.  Philadelphia is the #7th most expensive place to get married according to ABC News

Wedding Planning Tips

What is the average cost for a wedding photographer in the Philadelphia Area?

Tattooed Bride Getting Ready


Answer: The average cost for a Philadelphia Area Photographer and Montgomery County, Pa is $4,253 according to The Wedding Report.

Contact Us for OUR wedding package details.  We have wedding packages that fit multiple kinds of budgets