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Hello! I’m Erika, family photographer and studio manager at Allebach Photography. I’m not sure if you knew this or not, but I’ve also been a wedding photographer for over 10 years!

I remember, when I was just a little baby photographer in school, being terrified at the thought of photographing someone’s wedding! So.Much.Pressure!!

But it turned out, after the first one, I had a knack for it. And not just a knack but a passion for it!

I just love people and being asked to capture a day as momentous as a wedding is the ultimate honor as an artist. I laugh and cry along with every single couple and family because I am just that involved in the day.

I’m not even sure I can pinpoint my favorites parts of the day, because every single detail is fun for me to capture. From the details of the dress while the bride gets her hair and makeup done, to every last expression of love and joy and excitement. I seriously love it all!

So, all of this said, if you’re newly engaged or know anyone getting married and haven’t found a photographer yet, I’m here! Ready to hear all about the biggest moments to the smallest details.

Erika Schoof has over 10 years’ experience as a photography studio and production manager. Learn more about our studio at or by texting 610.539.6920. Join our facebook group here

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10 Reasons to Live Stream Your Elopement

  • Planning a traditional wedding is crazy stressful. Every single detail ends up mattering more than it needs to. So with an elopement, you get to focus on that really matters the most in the end. The two of you.
  • Keep it simple, make it weird, design it to be yours. No one, but the two of you, are involved in making decisions. 
  • You get the simplicity of an elopement, while having everyone there. Even people who may not have ever been able to travel for your wedding.
  • That elderly relative that you love so dearly, may not make it to your wedding in 2021 or even 2022. But they can be with you, watching from afar, as you exchange vows.
  • One of you may not be able to wait another year or two for the health insurance or the tax benefits that can accompany the legal binding of marriage.
  • Whatever you may have set aside for a traditional wedding, you can put towards a home, a honeymoon, or even an amazing party to celebrate your marriage out of quarantine!
  • Most elopements are hosted at our studio! So rain or shine, you have a beautifully decorated and professionally lit space to broadcast your ceremony. 
  • Want a destination elopement. That’s possible too and we can still live stream it to your guests! 
  • Ever been to a wedding where you couldn’t hear the bride and groom? The entire ceremony is set up with mics so everyone tuning in can laugh and cry along with you as you exchange your vows. 
  • We are your wedding planners, photographers, and videographers. We will be there, every step of the way, to make this a beautiful, intimate experience. From helping with the decor and officiant, to even helping obtain your marriage certificate. Broadcast your love and have gorgeous photographs to remember this day that was just about the two of you. 

If you were planning on getting married this year and had to postpone your reception, or were even planning an elopement to the person you love, we’re here to create a unique experience for you. Our TV and Livestreaming studio is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We can help you get a marriage certificate and get eloped easily. Your friends and family will get to join in.

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Allebach Photography Philadelphia Boudoir Couples

Located on the edge of Montgomery County,
Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pa

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This is Allebach Photography – Boudoir & Couples Boudoir Studio

Couples Boudoir, Engagements, Weddings, Family & Boudoir Studio

For the last 14 years we’ve been the photographer for everyone who was a little outside the box. People just like you asked the question, “who can photograph us?”  Who won’t judge us for who we are.  Whether it was a tattooed punk rock wedding, interracial non-religious wedding or same-sex couple, we’ve been the photographer for EVERYBODY who didn’t feel like they could find a photographer.

These days you’ll mostly find us in the studio!  You’ll love being photographed here.  Every day we make people feel like rock stars.  The process starts with a phone call where we find out how to bring out the best of you in the photos. Once you come in you’ll get hair and makeup to make you feel like a rock star.

After the photosession you’ll see your photos right away in our design gallery space! You’ll get artwork that will anchor you to your experience and your badass.

Couples Boudoir Engagement Photos Bald and beautiful couples boudoir Couple Anniversary Photoshoot


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Are those cute Snapchat filters actually making us feel worse about our bodies?

Are those cute Snapchat filters actually making us feel worse about our bodies?

By Christine Wolkin

We live in a world where beauty standards are constantly evolving and now, with filters that can remove freckles, lengthen eyelashes and widen our eyes, edited selfies have become the norm.

Medical professionals are beginning to argue that those Snapchat filters that transform our faces into cute little woodland creatures with big eyes and smooth skin are hurting our self-image in bigger ways than we could ever imagine.

“A new phenomenon called ‘Snapchat dysmorphia’ has popped up, where patients are seeking out surgery to help them appear like the filtered version of themselves,” says Neelam Vashi, director of Ethnic Skin Center at BMC and Boston University School of Medicine.

Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine’s Department of Dermatology recently published an article in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, delving into how selfies and filters can negatively affect our body image and trigger body dysmorphia, a mental disorder that causes people to be extremely preoccupied with a perceived flaw in appearance that to others can’t be seen or appears minor.

People who have BDD tend to obsess over their appearance and body image, often checking the mirror, grooming or seeking reassurance for many hours a day.

“For someone with BDD, their entire life’s balance hangs on whether they look okay or whether they’ve camouflaged their perceived flaw appropriately,” says Tom Hildebrandt, PsyD, chief of the Division of Eating and Weight Disorders at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City.

Individuals that suffer from BDD will often go to great, and often unhealthy, lengths to hide their imperfections, including going under the knife.

In 2017, a survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that 55 percent of surgeons reported seeing patients who requested surgery to look better in selfies.

“Today’s generation can’t escape ‘the Truman effect’ because from birth they are born into an age of social platforms where their feelings of self-worth can be based purely on the number of likes and followers that they have, which is linked to how good they look or how great these images are,” British cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho, who coined the term “Snapchat dysmorphia” earlier this year in 2018.

The JAMA article goes on to state that this alarming trend presents an unattainable look and blurs the line of reality and fantasy for us.

“Filtered selfies can make people lose touch with reality, creating the expectation that we are supposed to look perfectly primped all the time,” says Vashi, who is also one of the authors of the article. “This can be especially harmful to teens and those with BDD and it is important for providers to understand the implications of social media on body image to better treat and counsel our patients.”

Looking at a photo of yourself and not seeing the same thing reflected in the mirror or an unedited photo can make people unhappy, says Vashi.

“It can bring feelings of sadness, and then if one really develops this disorder, that sadness clearly progresses to something that can be dangerous and alarming,” she said.

Approximately 80 percent of people that suffer from BBD suffer from suicidal thoughts and about a quarter of those individuals have attempted suicide, according to a 2007 study by Primary Psychiatry.

Vashi says one of the most powerful tools in helping fight “Snapchat dysmorphia” is awareness, either through cognitive behavioral therapy or by simply changing your negative thought patterns. Simply being aware of what’s real and what’s been heavily altered with photo manipulation tools can ground us back to reality and remind us of our own innate beauty.

While posing with these filters can be fun, it’s important not to lose sight of who you really are behind them. Photo editing has been around for hundreds of years now and while digital manipulation and our high standards for beauty aren’t likely to go away anytime soon, we are the ones that allow them to hold any power over ourselves.

If you’re looking to capture your true beauty, ditch the filters altogether. Put on a favorite article of clothing and head outside for some gorgeous natural lighting.

Better yet, contact us at Allebach Photography to capture your true natural beauty, inside and out. We offer couples boudoir, boudoir, headshot, wedding, engagement and family photos and are located in the Philadelphia suburbs. Contact us today at 610.539.6920 or visit us at

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Philadelphia, Down town club, Caitlin and Ryan, Album

Volume I and II of the Caitlin and Ryan Wedding! The photographs that flood these beautiful albums were taken in Philadelphia, PA!
Volume I and II of the amazing and energetic Caitlin and Ryan Wedding! The photographs that cover these beautiful pages were taken in Philadelphia, PA at a Down Town Club. The two volumes fit perfectly into the costume box created just for Caitlin and Ryan’s album!

What a wedding! Caitlin, Ryan and all of their family and friends never stopped dancing! I am telling you, I don’t think Philadelphia has ever seen so much dancing at one wedding. It was incredible to watch and so much fun to photograph.

I loved working with Caitlin and Ryan. They are such an easy going, fun couple. Once I hung up my dancing shoes, I went back to the Photo Loft in North Wales, PA, and tried to narrow down the photographs to just one album. But I couldn’t. There were so many amazing moments captured and beautiful people, I couldn’t let Caitlin and Ryan go without a two volume album! The images that were created were just too good! Between photos of the couple, the dog, their families and friends, the dancing, etc… I loved it all.

And did I mention how perfect the lighting was during the getting ready photos. It was a dream come true for a wedding photographer.

Caitlin and Ryan, I hope you guys never stop dancing!Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_002_003_20160801_0037 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_004_005_20160801_0038 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_006_007_20160801_0039 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_008_009_20160801_0042 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_010_011_20160801_0041 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_012_013_20160801_0043 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_014_015_20160801_0044 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_016_017_20160801_0045 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_018_019_20160801_0046 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_020_021_20160801_0047 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_022_023_20160801_0048 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_023_024_20160801_0049 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_026_027_20160801_0050 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_028_029_20160801_0053 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_030_031_20160801_0054 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_032_033_20160801_0055 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_034_035_20160801_0056 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_036_037_20160801_0057 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album20160801_0033 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_040_041_20160801_0058 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_042_043_20160801_0059 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_043_044_20160801_0060 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_045_046_20160801_0061 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_047_048_20160801_0062 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_049_050_20160801_0063 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_051_052_20160801_0064 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_053_054_20160801_0065 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_056_057_20160801_0066 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_058_059_20160801_0067 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_060_061_20160801_0068 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_062_063_20160801_0069 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_063_064_20160801_0070 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_066_067_20160801_0071 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_068_069_20160801_0072 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_070_071_20160801_0073 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_072_073_20160801_0074 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_074_075_20160801_0075 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_076_077_20160801_0076 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_078_079_20160801_0077 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_080_081_20160801_0078 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_082_083_20160801_0079 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_084_085_20160801_0080 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_086_087_20160801_0081 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_088_089_20160801_0082 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_090_091_20160801_0083 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_092_093_20160801_0084 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_094_095_20160801_0085 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_096_097_20160801_0086 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_098_099_20160801_0087 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_100_101_20160801_0088 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_102_103_20160801_0089 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_104_105_20160801_0090 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_106_107_20160801_0091 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_108_109_20160801_0092 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_110_111_20160801_0093 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_112_113_20160801_0094 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_114_115_20160801_0095 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_116_117_20160801_0096 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_118_119_20160801_0097 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_120_121_20160801_0098 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_122_123_20160801_0099 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_124_125_20160801_0100 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_126_127_20160801_0101 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_128_129_20160801_0102 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_130_131_20160801_0103 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_132_133_20160801_0104 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_134_135_20160801_0105 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_136_137_20160801_0106 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_138_139_20160801_0107 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_140_141_20160801_0108 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_142_143_20160801_0109 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_144_145_20160801_0110 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_146_147_20160801_0111 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_148_149_20160801_0112 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_150_151_20160801_0113 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_152_153_20160801_0114 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_154_155_20160801_0115 Philadelphia_Down_Town_Club_Caitlin_and_Ryan_Album_spread_156_20160801_0116

Hope you enjoyed seeing these photos of Caitlin and Ryan’s wedding in Philadelphia, PA!

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Blue Bell- Normandy Farms, Austin and Rob, Album


This album is just as vibrant and loving as the couple inside of it. Austin and Rob are an incredible pair who are genuine and true in every sense of the word. Their love for each other is evident every time I see them. Austin and Rob’s wedding was perfect for their unique and lovable manor.

From the polka dotted bridesmaid dresses, to the suspenders that the groomsmen wore, to the style of the brides hair, this Philly wedding celebration was the perfect mix of modern and vintage.

It was one of the my fav. stylish weddings I had seen this summer in the Philadelphia Area! It screamed Austin and Rob and I was honored to have the privilege in photographing this fun, aweosme and original wedding!

Cover Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_02_03_20160712_0118 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_04_05_20160712_0119 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_06_07_20160712_0120 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_08_09_20160712_0121 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_010_011_20160712_0123 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_014_015_20160712_0124 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_016_017_20160712_0125 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_018_019_20160712_0126 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_020_021_20160712_0127 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_022_023_20160712_0128 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_024_025_20160712_0129 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_026_027_20160712_0130 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_028_029_20160712_0131 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_2Album20160712_0012

Austin and Rob are an amazing team together. I could not have been happier to photograph them on the day they said I do at Normandy Farms, only 20 miles away from Philadelphia! Austin and Rob are sweet and true all the way through. They know who they are and who they love which shined bright on their Wedding day! I love the color and the vibrance of the entire day! Thank you Austin and Rob for being such a pleasure to work with!

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Leola – the Inn at Leola Village, DJ and Matt, Album

Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ-and_Matt_album_album20160823_0010 copy

The Inn at Leola Village was the perfect location for this incredible couple. Couldn’t have found a better location in the Philadelphia Area for this energetic, lovely day! The colors were brilliant, the happiness was contagious and the love between DJ and Matt was awesome to witness.

Photographing this wedding was both fun and unique. Obviously, the couple was fantastic to work with, but this wedding was so cool… I mean come on, they even had some horses! What’s not to love!

There was never a boring moment. Always something cool to photograph. My second shooter and I were captivated the entire time. Between the clothes, the colors, the food, the traditional ceremony and the goofy moments in between, I was never not shooting and I was never shooting the same thing twice! It was a wedding photographers paradise!

These types of weddings are my favorite, so much happiness, silliness, tradition and fun. It was an honor photographing this couple on their special day and I look forward to photographing them in the future!

Not only was the wedding fantastic, but making this couples wedding album was an awesome project. The rich red leather material worked perfectly with the beautiful and vibrant images of this exciting Philadelphia Area Wedding!

Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_002_003_20160707_0133 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_004_005_20160707_0134 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_006_007_20160707_0135 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_008_009_20160707_0136 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_012_013_20160707_0137 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_014_015_20160707_0138 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_016_017_20160707_0139 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_020_021_20160707_0140 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_022_023_20160707_0141 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_024_025_20160707_0142 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_026_027_20160707_0143 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_028_029_20160707_0144 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_030_031_20160707_0145 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_032_033_20160707_0146 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_034_035_20160707_0147 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_036_037_20160707_0148 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_038_039_20160707_0149 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_040_041_20160707_0150 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_042_043_20160707_0151 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_044_045_20160707_0152 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_046_047_20160707_0153 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_048_049_20160707_0154 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_050_051_20160707_0155 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_052_053_20160707_0156 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_054_055_20160707_0157 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_056_057_20160707_0158 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_058_059_20160707_0159 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_060_061_20160707_0160 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_062_063_20160707_0161 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_064_065_20160707_0162 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_066_067_20160707_0163 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_068_069_20160707_0164 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_070_071_20160707_0166 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_072_073_20160707_0167 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_074_075_20160707_0168 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_076_077_20160707_0169 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_078_079_20160707_0170 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_080_081_20160707_0171 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_082_083_20160707_0172 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_084_085_20160707_0173 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_086_087_20160707_0174 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_088_089_20160707_0175 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_090_091_20160707_0176 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_092_093_20160707_0177 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_094_095_20160707_0178 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_096_097_20160707_0179 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_098_099_20160707_0180 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_100_101_20160707_0181 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_102_103_20160707_0182 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_104_105_20160707_0183 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_106_107_20160707_0184 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_108_109_20160707_0185 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_110_111_20160707_0186 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_112_113_20160707_0187 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_114_115_20160707_0188 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_116_117_20160707_0189 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_118_119_20160707_0190 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_120_121_20160707_0191 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_123_124_20160707_0192 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_125_126_20160707_0193 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt_127_128_20160707_0194 Philadelphia_Area_The_Inn_at_Leola_Village_DJ_and_Matt__128_20160707_0195

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The day was beautiful, the colors were vibrant and the love was real at this Philadelphia Area wedding, located at the Inn in Leola Village! Thank you DJ and Matt for having such a fun, vibrant and beautiful wedding.

Congrats again DJ and Matt! Your wedding was an absolute blast!

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Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Allebach Photography is Philadelphia’s Wedding Photographer.  Rated Top 5 in Philadelphia.  We know all the best Philadelphia photography places.   If you need ideas for your engagement or wedding venue ideas look no further.  Contact us today to see if your wedding date is still available!  We also offer Elopement, Engagement and Boudoir photography. 


Elmwood Park Zoo Norristown, Pa

Tattooed Bride and Groom Dancing

Bride and groom stand next to the Prallsville Mills before a storm on their wedding day.  I photographed this image and soon after saw an Eagle flying above.  It was the first time I saw an Eagle in the wild so it was pretty amazing.  If you are looking for New Jersey wedding photography at the Prallsville Mills give us a call or contact us on the Contact Me page.   To contact the venue use this info: Operated by the Delaware River Mill Society 33 Risler Street Stockton, NJ 08559 T  609-397-3586

This outdoor wedding near West Chester, Pa shows off a fun new unique tradition.  Have you ever thought about doing an Irish Car Bomb on your wedding day?  Neither did I until I saw this couple make it happen.  The officiant ended up finishing part of the bride's drink.  Even if it's not your cup of tea as they say, you have to admit this wedding tradition takes the cake for being unique.  Want us to photograph your wedding?  Just shoot us a message on the contact me page.

Elmwood Park Zoo Wedding

Tattooed Couple Kissing on Their Wedding Day

The bride places the ring on the finger of the groom during this wedding ceremony in New Jersey.  Many of our weddings occur in New Jersey right across the bridge from Philadelphia.  This happened to be one of those weddings.  If you are looking for a photographer for your special day be sure to use the contact page on our website to reach out.







heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai

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eastern state penitentiary allebach photography

eastern state penitentiary allebach photography

eastern state penitentiary allebach photography

eastern state penitentiary allebach photography

Allebach Photography Front and Palmer

Allebach Photography Front and Palmer

Allebach Photography Front and Palmer

Powel House Amada Allebach Photography Philadelphia

Eastern State Philly 21

Eastern State Philly



Philadelphia Wedding Photographer


Greystone Hall Wedding, West Chest
Greystone Hall Wedding with 1920s Flapper Flare

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