Philadelphia – Philadelphia Art Museum, Pat and Ed, Wall Display

This is the wall collection I helped Pat and Ed put together for their home. The photos are taken in Philadelphia right outside the Philadelphia Art Museum. Love how this collection looks together! So awesome.

When I met up with Pat and Ed at the Philadelphia Art Museum, I could only think one thing, this is what true love looks like. They were playful, fun and in love. Their infectious laughter had me cracking up behind the camera. Couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple.

Our photo session was timed perfectly, if I do say so myself, with an incredible sunset in the background and an awesome couple in the foreground, what could make a photographer happier!?

Photographing Pat and Ed at the Philadelphia Art Museum was the perfect way to showcase their love. They are a strong, beautiful and confident couple and the Art Museum is nearly as strong and beautiful as they are. The intricate architecture of the Philadelphia Art Museum has always stood out to me, and now whenever I am in Philadelphia and see the Art Museum, I will think of Pat and Ed, the love they share and the fun we had.

Once the session was over, I went back to the Photo Loft and put together a collection of photographs for the amazing couple. They loved everything almost as much as I did! I had the honor of helping Pat and Ed put together a wall collection. Four of the beautiful photographs we created during their session are hanging in their house for everyone one to see, and I have to admit, it looks pretty cool!

To a hundred more years together, Pat and Ed!


We’d love to hear from you! Give me a call or shoot me an email if you want to set up your own forever session with your SO 🙂


Blue Bell- Normandy Farms, Austin and Rob, Album


This album is just as vibrant and loving as the couple inside of it. Austin and Rob are an incredible pair who are genuine and true in every sense of the word. Their love for each other is evident every time I see them. Austin and Rob’s wedding was perfect for their unique and lovable manor.

From the polka dotted bridesmaid dresses, to the suspenders that the groomsmen wore, to the style of the brides hair, this Philly wedding celebration was the perfect mix of modern and vintage.

It was one of the my fav. stylish weddings I had seen this summer in the Philadelphia Area! It screamed Austin and Rob and I was honored to have the privilege in photographing this fun, aweosme and original wedding!

Cover Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_02_03_20160712_0118 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_04_05_20160712_0119 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_06_07_20160712_0120 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_08_09_20160712_0121 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_010_011_20160712_0123 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_014_015_20160712_0124 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_016_017_20160712_0125 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_018_019_20160712_0126 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_020_021_20160712_0127 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_022_023_20160712_0128 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_024_025_20160712_0129 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_026_027_20160712_0130 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_Album_028_029_20160712_0131 Blue_Bell_Normandy_Farms_Austin_and_Rob_2Album20160712_0012

Austin and Rob are an amazing team together. I could not have been happier to photograph them on the day they said I do at Normandy Farms, only 20 miles away from Philadelphia! Austin and Rob are sweet and true all the way through. They know who they are and who they love which shined bright on their Wedding day! I love the color and the vibrance of the entire day! Thank you Austin and Rob for being such a pleasure to work with!

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Watch it until the end. My first retouch video.

Everyone requested I post this outside of Facebook.  Here you go.
Thanks to everyone who has the same messed up sense of humor I do!

Sharing my behind the scenes work. I decided to make my first retouching video with National Geographic’s Homo Naledi…

Posted by Mike Allebach on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Brides Reveal Wedding Mistakes You Need to Avoid

It sounds a little crazy, but I read somewhere that thinking about what you would change about your day before it even happens is a good way to avoid mistakes.

Here’s an infographic based off of a study done by NY Magazine, showing what over 100 married brides would have changed about their wedding day planning.

We want to capture all of your hard work planning, and all of the fun that ensues, on the special day. Your wedding photography will last through the ages, make it worth while!

Brides Mistakes Wedding Photography

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2015

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

Join us at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention February 2015!  We’ll be sharing a booth with Inked Philly this year and selling 2015 Fight Like a Girl calendars.

Here are the details:

$22 Day / $45 3-Day Pass
Tickets are only sold at the show
Children under 12 are free

Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention
Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Friday 2 PM – 12 AM
Saturday 11 AM – 12 AM
Sunday 11 AM – 8 PM

Special Guests & Tattoo Artists:

Jason Clay Dunn from Ink Master Season 5 Winner
Scott Marshall from Ink Master Season 4 Winner
Joey Hamilton from Ink Master Season 3 Winner
Shane O’Neill from Ink Master Season 1 Winner
Karly Cleary from Best Ink Season 3 Winner
Jime Litwalk from Ink Master Season 3 Runner Up
Sarah Miller from Ink Master Season 2 & Ink Shrinks
Erik Siuda from Ink Master Season 5 Finalist
Alli Baker from Best Ink Season 2
Myke Chambers as Seen in Inked Magazine
Matti Hixson from Ink Master Season 4 Finalist
James Vaughn from Ink Master Season 1 Finalist
Halo Jankowski from Ink Master Season 4
Kyle Dunbar from Ink Master Season 3 & 4
Lydia Bruno from Ink Master Season 4
Amy Nicoletto from LA Ink
Aaron Is from Ink Master Season 5
Mark Longenecker from Ink Master Season 5
Emily Elegado from Ink Master Season 5
Ty-esha Reels from Ink Master Season 5
Robbie Ripoll from Ink Master Season 5
Caroline Evans from Ink Master Season 5
Takashi Matsuba : Tebori
Romeo Lacoste from Best Ink Season 3
Joseph Matisa from Best Ink Season 3
Chris Torres from NY Ink
Clint Cummings from Ink Master & Tattoo Nightmares: Miami
Jeremy Miller from Ink Master Season 1
Cee Jay from Ink Master Season 2
Joey Tattoo from Tattoo Rescue
VH1’s Black Ink Crew
Philadelphia Eddie
Brian O’Halloran from Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, & Vulgar

As you can see a lot of talented people will be at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention.  We hope to see you there!

2014 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention booth
2014 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention booth


The Heritage Trust at Mt. Sinai + Dave and Buster’s: Dakota & Mike

There are some couples you meet that completely balance each other out. One of them, Dakota and Mike, were married at The Heritage Trust in New York’s Mt. Sinai. Their ceremony didn’t last more than 10 minutes, and then they were ready to party. We brought the photo booth all the way up to Long Island for some silliness! We stuffed our faces with all vegan indian food. Afterwords we headed to Dave and Buster’s to get the wedding jitters out and to burn off that energy from the pent butter jelly cookies!

heritage trust mt sinai





heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai


heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai


heritage trust mt sinai


heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai



heritage trust mt sinai


heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai




heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai


heritage trust mt sinai





heritage trust mt sinai


heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai




heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai

heritage trust mt sinai


heritage trust mt sinai

dave and busters

dave and busters


633 Mount Sinai Coram Road, Mount Sinai, NY 11766

Bonedaddys Tattoo Calendar for the Cure

As everyone gears up for the holidays, we take time to remember those we love.  Mike was honored to be this year’s photographer of 12 beautiful women for Bonedaddys Tattoo’s “Calendar for a Cure”.  All proceeds go to the Brave Eli Foundation ( which donates directly to finding a cure for childhood cancer.

For boudoir inquiries!

CalendarfortheCure bonedaddy

At the calendar release party with cover girl Allyson who took photos in between chemo that week

CalendarfortheCure bonedaddy

4932 Pennell Road · Aston, Pennsylvania · 19014
Tattoo & Piercing

Front & Palmer, Philadelphia: Alyssa & Dave

Lovebirds. One in a beautiful Philadelphian Bhldn dress, and one with a belt buckle that says “Cocky”. They’re gigglers. Which makes them a perfect couple for the upscale but modern Front & Palmer wedding venue in Philadelphia. We stopped at the 2nd National Bank on the way for some unforgettable pictures.

(Details below)

Allebach Photography Front and Palmer FrontandPalmer36 FrontandPalmer35 FrontandPalmer34 FrontandPalmer33 FrontandPalmer32 FrontandPalmer31 FrontandPalmer30 FrontandPalmer29 FrontandPalmer28 FrontandPalmer27 FrontandPalmer26 FrontandPalmer25 Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer FrontandPalmer20 Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer FrontandPalmer5 Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmer Allebach Photography Front and Palmerbach

Front & Palmer
Address: 1750 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone:(215) 634-3002

30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding

So much cute, so little time! We made the most of a beautiful night for a party right in Philadelphia, starting with portraits fit for royalty at a hotel, a cut through 30th Street Station, and then on to Distrito, a mexican restaurant that packs a lot of punch, for the wedding.


30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding Philadelphia Wedding_19 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding Philadelphia Wedding_14 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding Philadelphia Wedding_11 Philadelphia Wedding_10 Philadelphia Wedding_9 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding Philadelphia Wedding_5 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding Britt and John_19 Britt and John_18 Britt and John_17 Britt and John_16 Britt and John_15 Britt and John_14 Britt and John_13 Britt and John_12 Britt and John_11 Britt and John_10 Britt and John_9 Britt and John_8 Britt and John_7 Britt and John_6 Britt and John_5 Britt and John_4 Britt and John_3 Britt and John_2 30th Street Station and Distrito Wedding

6 Reasons Why Rocking a Lace Wedding Dress Will Make Grandma Proud

By: Anne Lindeman

clever wedding ideas allebach photography

Growing up you may have unconsciously developed some negative feelings towards lace. You know those dusty lace doilies that serve as a protector of trinkets on your grandmother’s furniture or maybe as a child you had a giant lace bib (with matching gloves) embarrassingly dangling from the neckline of your Easter dress. What I’m trying to say here is that lace may not always have been your friend, but I’m here to change your mind.

Lace has been a prominent fabric for centuries, originally used as a measuring stick to one’s wealth and status. So what has changed? As the fashion industry has proved time and time again, styles trend in cycles.

Lace is on its way back up in a very cool way and thanks to the wedding industry; it has proven itself to be extremely versatile. There are lace wedding dresses that have an amazing retro feel and some that are more modern for the fashion forward bride. I can’t think of any other material that can modestly cover you up, but also reveal a peek-a-boo of skin at the same time creating a super sexy look. And it’s that reason in particular why I chose lace for my wedding dress.

I was never the type of girl who dreamed about my wedding day. I was always the type that played in the dirt with boys, competed in sports, and more importantly, worked my ass off building a career in order to avoid financially depending on a man to take care of me. Why am I telling you all this? Because right about now you are picturing me as an awkward tomboy like Laney Boggs before Freddie Prinze Jr. got a hold of her and made her “all that.” Rest assured I wasn’t that bad, and let’s be honest, neither was Laney, but I wanted to paint a clear mental picture for you that I wasn’t a girly girl when I chose my wedding gown.

I happen to be one of those people who have an old soul and a true believer I was born in the wrong decade. While all my girlfriends gushed over gorgeous celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, I admired the classic film stars of the 50’s and 60’s. Sure Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate babe, but I idolized the beauties of the day like Jane Russell for her quick ball busting wit, Lucille Ball for her hilarious slapstick sense of humor, and Grace Kelly for her effortless way of being sexy chic. These women didn’t build vivacious careers on good looks alone, they had brains and they had gumption. They were strong independent women that I idolized and they just so happened to look gorgeous in lace. It’s exactly what I wanted to emulate on my wedding day. With a little extra help of a few tattoos, red sash, and red shoes, I was able to achieve the retro look I wanted while still maintaining my unique style.
Here’s another thought. Have you ever seen a man wearing lace? I think not, which means lace is something just us girls can identify with and in a strange way empower us to be independent and sexy. Okay, maybe Prince has dabbled in the lace department once or twice – but he gets a pass on this one!

clever wedding ideas allebach photography

Still not sure if lace is for you? Here are 6 reasons why lace was the star of my wedding:
1. Lace is versatile. It comes in many different silhouettes and lengths.
2. Lace doesn’t wrinkle.
3. Lace can be worn for any season – try short and sleeveless for summer or long sleeved and high neckline for winter. The possibilities are truly endless.
4. Lace is timeless. Fifty years from now your wedding photos will still rock!
5. Its comfortable. It doesn’t snag. It’s not itchy, and the best part – it won’t make you feel hot or sweaty.
6. Its affordable! My custom designed Dolly Couture dress came in under $800!
So ladies, when choosing your wedding gown keep this in mind: lace is fabulous and has outstanding nostalgic appeal. Whether you want to look like a classic film star, wear a family heirloom, or just plain appreciate the beauty of the intricate details, lace will not disappoint.

Anne Lindeman is the founder of Clever Wedding Ideas, a website and blog providing ideas and inspiration for the chic and unique bride.

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Brandsmash Niche Formula

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.02.20 PM

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Adventure Aquarium, Camden NJ Wedding

This scuba diving couple had their wedding at The Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ!

<iframe id=”vp1vUTvc” title=”Video Player” width=”540″ height=”303″ frameborder=”0″ src=”” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Adventure Aquarium Wedding
This cake is anything but typical. We love it!

Camden, NJ Wedding
The groom broke his wrist the day before the wedding, but at least the cast color coordinated!


Camden, NJ Wedding
The bride had a purple dress!

we hope you liked this Adventure Aquarium Wedding in Camden, NJ as much as we did!