Channeling Your Inner Goddess Photo Session: Cara

“New Year, New You” is the saying right? How do you know what the “new you” should embody? What is it that you want to channel each and every day to really hone in on this concept we all talk about at the end of every year? What if the answer wasn’t as new as you’re wanting to be, but ancient? Ancient goddesses to be exact.

Cara invoking Lakshmi for her inner goddess session

Cara came to us wanting to document her recent full-body transformation.

“I recently lost a life-changing 80lbs over the past 9 months. I knew I had to update my business headshot because people were approaching me at work with whispers of ‘Are you okay?’ since I looked nothing like my work picture anymore.”

“I was hoping to get a few pictures of myself feeling sexy in my new skin. But the results were worlds beyond anything I could have imagined.”

While Cara was exploring this newly transformed self, we were educated on different goddesses to invoke for different purposes. Cara shared an amazing article, highlighting 11 popular goddesses! Reading about these powerful and ancient deities was incredibly inspiring and really helped Mike bring a new vision to Cara’s session.

“The whole experience from the consult discussion, to the shoot and the ordering session left me feeling this immense sense of empowerment.  And the residual ‘bad bitch/goddess’ vibe has stayed with me, even as I wait for my wall print and album.”

So if you’re inspired to explore your inner goddess and/or wanting to invoke the ancient powers of goddesses across all religions and cultures, Cara has one piece of advice…

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