How to choose a wedding makeup artist

Finding The Makeup Artist match for YOU
We all want to look our best on our wedding day. Why would we want anything less? When it comes to finding the right person for the job how do you know it will turn out the way you expect it to? Calling your salon and scheduling an appointment for your big day isn’t the end of the line when selecting a makeup artist. You’ll want to make sure the person is a good fit for you, your attendants, and wedding genre.

Tips to finding a great makeup artist:


  • It’s essential that your artist is a good listener. You want your makeup artist to be able to envision your ideas and the ability to carry out the look you are want to emulate. Since your makeup artist has a set amount of time to work with you you’ll want to have some visual aids readily available to help interprit the look you are wanting. Too much information can also eat up the valuable time you have with your makeup artist. The important things you’ll want to share are: pics of your attire, the way your hair will be styled, makeup looks you found that you liked, the time of day, as well as weather your wedding will be indoor or outdoor. If your makeup artsist is an experienced one he or she will be able to customise your application to suit your occasion.
  • Your makeup artist should be reliable and professional so it’s best to choose a reputable business that you can trust. It may may cost a few dollars more but well worth it. You will want the lasting looks of your amazing day when you reflect upon it in your photo’s
  • Does your salon / makeup artist offer the services you need? – Is he / she experienced with photography makeup?  Do they offer eyelash applications, long-last makeups, or makeup to purchase? Will your artist meet with you for a trial run? Is traveling to your location an option? Does the facility offer skin care services and brow shaping & other hair removal services? In my studio we have bride’s come in for a trial run prior to the actual wedding day to try on a few makeup looks and to discuss their skin care needs well in advance.
  • Does the artist utilize clean or disposable tools? The last thing a bride needs is a case of conjunctavitis or a cold sore on the morning of her big day. The best way to check is to watch their habbits during a trial run. If the makeup artist is using mascara without disposeable wands and lipstick right from the tube it’s best to assume this is the same routine for all of his or her clients. I’d run the other direction alcohol wipes in hand. LOL
  • Do you like the makeup artists work and personality. I think it is essential to not only like the person’s work but to be able to get along with their personality. That way you have positive memories about your special day and feel great about yourself too.


 The right application of makeup can having you looking absolutely stunning on your special day. If you are wanting a more subtle yet practical makeup application you may entertain the idea of permanent cosmetics. Maybe the look of drawn on eyebrows seems to artificial for you. Hair stroke eyebrow tattooing is our most popular procedure we do next to eyeliner which is our second. Having the look of real hair in a natural color designed for your specific facial shape creates an amazing frame for the rest of your face. It makes the rest of your makeup application so much easier when brows are strategically placed and proportioned to the face. It makes everyday makeup application a cinch, it’s waterproof and completely customizable. Eyeliner, and lip color make for a fresh, smear-free, appearance. The convenience and benefits out way the cost which can run anywhere between 600-900 depending of your desired look. The best part is it lasts for a few years! It makes a great wedding gift, and keeps you looking great throughout your honeymoon too!
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How to choose a wedding makeup artist
Valerie Weber, CPCP, LE
Owner of Dermagrafix PC Studio
Valerie’s passion in permanent cosmetics began with her talent in makeup artistry and love for aesthetics. In 2000 Valerie obtained her Esthetician’s license and began her career as a clinical esthetician. Most of her experience was attained practicing in plastic surgery offices where she performed chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and IPL treatments. Valerie followed her interest in permanent cosmetics in 2001 seeing how it would nicely complement the aesthetic part of her training and also give her an artistic outlet. Valerie discovered a natural passion for cosmetic tattooing during her initial training which led her to pursuit more advanced techniques later on. Valerie has attended many training courses by other industry leaders to hone her techniques. In 2003 Valerie returned to her hometown of Doylestown, Pennsylvania where she founded Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio.

Average cost for flowers for wedding?


Q: What is the average cost for flowers for wedding?

A: According to The Wedding Report the amount for the Philadelphia / Montgomery County, Pa area is $2,363.  Remember 50-100% higher for in demand florists and these are only averages.  As always you usually get what you pay for with florists.

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Google Authorship Status: What is it? How did I get it?

Today I received confirmation that I am now in the Google Authorship program.  There are huge search engine benefits to this which I will explain shortly.  YOU NEED TO APPLY TODAY!

Several weeks ago I attended a Google + seminar by Lynette Young. She is an author of the upcoming book “Google+ for Small Business” .  She said if you only do one thing from this talk sign up for Google+  to apply for Authorship.

What is Authorship?
Have you noticed head shots appearing in your search recently?  This is the authorship program. Authorship is a way for Google to link the content that you write with your head shot!  People click on content they feel they can trust, so having a nice head shot next to your blog article gives you a huge advantage over the next link.

Extra bonus if the people search your exact name…they may see a box on the right with all your stats and contact info from Google+.

Google Authorship How to sign up for Authorship

Create a Google+ Profile

    • Remember to upload a high quality headshot and fill out some profile information such as hometown, etc.
  1. Go to, sign up with your email and click on the verification link we send you.

More advantages


  • New! See analytics for your content in search.
  • Distinguish and validate your content in search results.
  • Get more followers on Google+.
  • Help readers discover your other content on the web.

Additional Tip for Getting Google Authorship

Be careful what profile links you have in Google+.  Make sure they all go to sites that only you post to.
Hope you found this practical.  Let me know how the process goes for you in the comment section below.

A Must Watch: Philadelphia Photographer Jaleel King Against All Odds

Be Inspired Today.

It’s been about 2 months since I released the short film on Jaleel King.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you must.

“The short 4-minute-long video above is probably the most inspiring thing you’ll see today.” –

“Every so often we all need to refill our motivational gas tank to keep us going. This 4-minute video of photographer Jaleel King will do just that for you” –

“We all spend our day to day trying to overcome our problems. Then I watch Jaleel and pause…” – Jason Groupp (WPPI)

“Please take a minute to watch this extremely inspiring video of Photographer and @Help_Portrait participant @JaleelKing” – Jeremy Cowart

“3 years ago I helped launch a worldwide movement: @help_portrait. Stories like these keep me going year after year” –  Kyle Chowning

“I love his courage and tenacity” – Mike Foster, People of the Second Chance

“Touching and inspiring video…” – Smugmug

Love Notes: Dealon & Matt

WXPN World Cafe Live wedding

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”FFFF00″] I [/dropcap] cannot say enough good things about our experience with Allebach Photography. I knew when Mike showed up to our engagement shoot in a Minor Threat t-shirt that we had picked the right man for the job, and he did not disappoint. During our wedding and reception, the photographers were stealthy – everywhere at once yet completely unobtrusive. They took the time to arrange my large family of roughly 40 people into a single shot where everyone’s face can be seen, pulling off what I consider a minor miracle. They captured everything with style and a sense of humor. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and everyone who has seen our photos loves them. If you are on the fence about hiring Allebach Photography, jump down on this side – the one with all the ecstatic reviewers who have worked with them. You will not regret it.

– Dealon & Matt

[at WXPN World Cafe Live in Philadelphia ]

Love Notes: Kara & Nick

Philadelphia Wedding Photo

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”FB4E93″] A[/dropcap] llebach Photography is AMAZING! Mike and Rachel are so calm and collected and responsive and organized at the same time. They totally work with you to get the best package for your budget too. You feel at ease as soon as you meet them.

I normally HATE wedding photos, and the poses and how fake they can come off. So, when searching online, I fell in love with natural, candid photography of Allebach. I was a bit concerned I wasn’t really their “style” being a bit more traditional than all the tattooed ladies on the site. BUT let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier with how comfortable I was and how BEAUTIFUL my photographs are. I had specific visions of how I wanted my engagement and wedding photos and Mike NAILED it! They were just what I pictured. The shots are so unique and special, they capture the entire mood and feeling of you and your day rather than just some photos. And I didn’t even know he was there! Completely natural shots, each one evokes a memory of how amazing my day really was. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

6 months later, I STILL get compliments once a week about how great the photos are.”

– Kara

Love Notes: Kira & Glen – 08/03/2012

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”FB4E93″] M[/dropcap] ike and the second photographer that day were absolutely amazing!! They were so much fun to work with and yet still so professional! The pictures are unbelieveable! Mike really found a way to capture the whole day in pictures. Looking through them almost two months later it brings my husband and I right back to that day. He captured every moment and every emotion without ever getting in the way. I would recommend Allebach to anyone getting married!”

– Kira

Love Notes: Marren & Nick 9-16-2012

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”FB4ED2″] W[/dropcap]e couldn’t be more pleased with how our wedding pictures came out!! Mike captured all the great moments, that in reviewing our photos i started to actually cry!! [pull_quote_right] The quality of the pictures is unmatched, we had looked into a lot of photographers and Mike from Allebach Photography is easily the best! [/pull_quote_right] My maid of honor just got engaged and loved his work so much she is going to have him shoot her wedding!!

Thank you so much for capturing our special day, no one else could have done better if they tried! I recommend Allebach to anyone who wants unforgettable photos, and a great experience! mike will make you feel so comfortable, by the end of your day you will feel like you’ve known him forever! Allebach Photography is simply the best! As a tattooed bride I couldn’t have asked for more


Minerva & Nabil

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”ffff00″] M[/dropcap]y husband and I used Mike for a Trash the Dress photo shoot, the photos are fantastic! Not only did he listen to our ideas, but he also expanded on them, coming up locations to shoot, bringing props and taking the time to make sure things went smoothly. We have received so many compliments from people on how great these photos look. We recommend him to everyone, and are already planning our next shoot!”


Barbara & Adam

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”FB4E93″] M[/dropcap]ike Allebach, and his assistant for the day, were AMAZING. Exactly the type of pictures I wanted (candid, more in the moment, than pose and click), I felt their prices were very reasonable, and I’ve been recommending them to anyone I know that is in the process of getting married. I felt very comfortable talking to Mike and emailing his Office Manager, nothing felt too formal or forced. I’m actually getting some “Trash the Dress” pictures taken by Allebach because I loved BOTH my Wedding photos AND my Engagement Photos.


Kristina and Shanna

Philly Wedding Photographer Allebach Photography

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”ffff00″] A[/dropcap]MAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are with Mike &  their Office Ninja Becca! They made us feel comfortable, answered our questions, were very professional and flexible. The engagement pictures were, (not to sound redundant) AMAZING! We can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Side-note: Not for your ordinary bride – these photos are artistic, fun, edgy, and cool. If you’re an offbeat bride, they’ll be PERFECT for you!

Paola & Dan

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”FB4E93″] I[/dropcap] had an amazing experience with Mike and Rachel. From the minute we met with them for our pre-wedding consultation to Mike coming to my house to help me pick out photos for our album they exceeded my expectations on every count. They were really flexible and graciously dealt with my mother’s more traditional photography requests. Four years later I love my wedding photos and still pull out my album to look at all the fun we had that day. Allebach Photography does not disappoint.”

– Paola