Punk Rock Renaissance Family Portraits

“I wanted to capture photographs of my family that would become something I’d treasure years and years to come.”

Jenny is a total badass super mom! She’s an incredible tattoo artist, hardcore vegan, and homeschools her kids like a boss. Upon meeting Jesse and Memphis, I could see how much their parents have put into raising them as these empathetic, compassionate people.

I knew how important it was to capture the kids’ personalities and their energy as a family. They really are incredibly connected and it’s beautiful to see the love in these photographs.

“The experience itself was wonderful. I know that every time my children look at the pictures years from now they will still remember the fun we had while capturing the moments. Memories that will last a lifetime all because we have the pictures to remind us not to forget them.”

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Erika Schoof has over 10 years’ experience as a photography studio and production manager. Learn more about our studio at allebachphotography.com or by texting 610.539.6920. Join our facebook group here

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