Philly Lovesick Expo 2015

Check out these snaps from the Lovesick Expo at the World Cafe Live yesterday <3 The Lovesick Expo is a place for brides and grooms to have fun while checking out all the best vendors around! If you were at Lovesick and want to find out more about our Lovesick Special, please contact us here!

The Mansion, Voorhees, NJ : TK and Ian

If we don’t catch your attention with TK and Ian’s steampunk wedding pictures, we’ll have to destroy the Earth.             Just kidding. This wedding was on Friday the 13th. In Voorhees, NJ. Voorhees. Yes, like Jason. Check it out! You’ve never seen anything like it.  

Southern Mansion Wedding in Cape May, NJ: Jennifer and John

In need of wedding ideas? Jennifer and John took full advantage of the seashore conveniently located right up the road after all the fun and games of getting dressed, getting married, ect… No dull moments, no dull photos! Enjoy.   Interested in booking the Southern Mansion for your wedding? The Southern Mansion 720 Washington Street …

6 Reasons Why Rocking a Lace Wedding Dress Will Make Grandma Proud

By: Anne Lindeman Growing up you may have unconsciously developed some negative feelings towards lace. You know those dusty lace doilies that serve as a protector of trinkets on your grandmother’s furniture or maybe as a child you had a giant lace bib (with matching gloves) embarrassingly dangling from the neckline of your Easter dress. …

Baltimore Wedding at the Belvedere: Alex and Patrick

Our beautiful tattooed bride matched the beautiful Belvedere Hotel, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Take a look through the great photos we captured of all the fun, smiles, tears, and various shenanigans!   Interested in having your wedding at the Belvedere? 1 E Chase St Baltimore, MD 21202

Annapolis and Baltimore Wedding: Cori & Ryan

If you’re wondering about whereabouts for this wedding, read on through the next few lines because we were all over! In a span of 2 days we followed Cori and Ryan from the Annapolis Courthouse for the actual marriage to the Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge for some….. lounging. The next day we explored in and …

Google Authorship Status: What is it? How did I get it?

Today I received confirmation that I am now in the Google Authorship program.  There are huge search engine benefits to this which I will explain shortly.  YOU NEED TO APPLY TODAY! Several weeks ago I attended a Google + seminar by Lynette Young. She is an author of the upcoming book “Google+ for Small Business” …