“Embrace yourself and love yourself. And then look at those photos and fall in love all over again!”

Meghan had soooo many wonderful things to say about her session with us and wants to spread the word as far as she can!

New Jersey Boudoir Photographers

“You’ll stand a little taller and more poised walking out of that studio! I feel empowered. As a big girl, I do sometimes get caught up in not feeling good enough, or attractive enough but let me tell you, once you see yourself in those photos, under that amazing lighting and even cooler sets you’ll feel like you’re floating.  Like, ‘I’ve just done a photo shoot, like a real model! And, damn! I look good!’” she gushed. 

Beautiful Boudoir Poses

A divorced mom of two girls (“they are amazing and remind me every day that I did at least two good things in my life”), Meghan has spent the last several years trying to reinvent and find herself.

Sexy Philly Boudoir

“Trying to figure out this thing called life!” she said. 

This year she met a man during the pandemic and is finally starting to feel truly loved by both herself and her partner. 

In fact, she even brought along her boyfriend as her “hype person.”

Happy Boudoir Photos

“As soon as my session started I caught a glimpse of him wiping away tears. He told me later on that night that seeing me posing for the camera and looking so beautiful and sexy made him feel overwhelmed with pride and love. That I seemed to be having the time of my life. Deciding to do a session was by far the best decision, just for that reaction alone!” said Meghan. 

Boudoir by Allebach Photography

From beginning to end, Meghan had a blast with her session experience, even in spite of having gained a little weight this year she wasn’t too pleased with. 

“I’ve gained some weight that I’m not happy about, but I knew by seeing all of his work that if I decided to do it again that he would get some great shots.”

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

She continued, “I can’t say one thing was better than the other… I loved everything about it! From the initial consultation, searching for and buying my outfits, getting my hair and makeup done, to the actual shoot itself and finally the reveal! It was a wonderful experience and so much fun. It makes you feel so special!”

Meghan brought mostly lingerie, a teddy, body suit, bustier and stockings, a long line bra, matching panties and a leather jacket to top it all off. 

“It was a workout! But so much fun posing! Mike and Erika make you feel so welcomed and comfortable and make you feel like you SHOULD be a model. It made me feel sexy and I know it’s cliché, but also very empowered!”

Black and White Boudoir Closeup

Though she could see what she considered to be her “flaws” in her photos, she says it didn’t matter because she thought they made her look even more beautiful.

Meghan chose an album of her photos to keep her “nosy” kids from asking too many questions. 

“I didn’t want to have actual artwork hanging and getting questioned over it. I like that I have this little secret hidden in my underwear drawer!” she explained. 

When her album arrived in the mail she ripped it open and was immediately reminded all over again of her wonderful experience. 

“I just received my album in the mail, and OMG!!! I’M IN LOVE! The cover I chose was the black leather scroll design and it is absolutely beautiful. And my pictures are gorgeous, if I must say so myself! I mean, you guys did all the work, but damn!  My boyfriend and I looked at them together and I’m just so happy!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO TO MAKE US BIGGER GIRLS FEEL SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL!  You guys totally rock!”

Happy Bucks County Boudoir Photographer

To those thinking about doing their own session, Meghan is adamant:

“Don’t overthink it, just book your session!  Stop worrying about what you’d wear and just choose things that you feel comfortable in, instead of what you THINK you’d look sexy in.. because those comfy things ARE sexy. Take time before your session to really look at your body. Take in all of the “flaws” and love them, because they’re part of you! Embrace yourself and love yourself. And then look at those photos and fall in love all over again!”

Lansdale Boudoir Photography

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