Weddings by Allebach Photography

Hello! I’m Erika, family photographer and studio manager at Allebach Photography. I’m not sure if you knew this or not, but I’ve also been a wedding photographer for over 10 years!

I remember, when I was just a little baby photographer in school, being terrified at the thought of photographing someone’s wedding! So.Much.Pressure!!

But it turned out, after the first one, I had a knack for it. And not just a knack but a passion for it!

I just love people and being asked to capture a day as momentous as a wedding is the ultimate honor as an artist. I laugh and cry along with every single couple and family because I am just that involved in the day.

I’m not even sure I can pinpoint my favorites parts of the day, because every single detail is fun for me to capture. From the details of the dress while the bride gets her hair and makeup done, to every last expression of love and joy and excitement. I seriously love it all!

So, all of this said, if you’re newly engaged or know anyone getting married and haven’t found a photographer yet, I’m here! Ready to hear all about the biggest moments to the smallest details.

Erika Schoof has over 10 years’ experience as a photography studio and production manager. Learn more about our studio at or by texting 610.539.6920. Join our facebook group here

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