We Asked Artificial Intelligence What The Most Asked Questions About Boudoir Were. Here’s What We Have To Say.

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1- What is boudoir photography? – Short answer; boudoir is just a french word for a woman’s dressing room. The long answer is that boudoir probably isn’t the best word for what we do. We’ve noticed that word sometimes comes with the false pretense that you need to “look sexy” and appeal to very narrow beauty standards. Beauty standards set forth by companies raking in money from the insecurities they continue to hammer into our minds and how we see ourselves and each other. They create issues by highlighting what they label as “flaws”, then make tons of money “solving” them. And when it doesn’t work, they say we did something wrong and continue on their journey of belittling us. So, I like to look at our experiences as a way to feel liberated in our own bodies, free from judgement, and free to love ourselves and scream from the mountains how powerful beyond measure we all are, exactly as we are.

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2- What should I wear for my boudoir session? – Anything you damn well please! There is also a false belief that you need to be in some sort of lingerie, or almost naked, in order to partake in a boudoir session. That’s simply not true. What makes you feel comfortable and confident? What makes you feel sexy and sensual? Do you hang out in leggings and an oversized t-shirt with no bra? Or maybe in undies, an off the shoulder sweater and knee high cozy socks? What about in your partner’s favorite button down, hanging out with a messy bun and glasses? We see it all here. Sure it’s fun to put on something traditionally deemed as sexy, but that’s not how we dress when we’re most ourselves and comfortable at home. So why not bring both… A killer bodysuit and that 20 year old college sweatshirt that you wear all the time.

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3- What poses are best for boudoir shoots? There are definitely some poses that are pretty standard, as far as boudoir goes. But we also know that every person is different. What one person may feel is comfortable, may be awkward for someone else. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Part of what we do is coach you through each pose, your body language, breath-work, and emotions. There is a naturalness that develops organically as we work together. We work with a quiet awareness of who you are, where you are on your journey, and what it is you’re wanting to see and feel during this experience. So, while you may be inspired by a Pinterest board of boudoir photos (which you’re more than welcome to share with us), we also let our vibe together and our creativity flow.

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4- How is retouching handled in boudoir photos? This is a great question because it touches on two very important things. First, it touches on a fear that most people have that they’re only going to be able to focus on the things they deem as flaws. So this very common question feels like a safety net. “If I know those things can be fixed, then I will feel better about being vulnerable in this experience.” I can say, with a very confident certainty, that the experiences we’ve worked hard to create help push you beyond those self judgements. If I could make a list what I hear on a daily basis, “I don’t even care about those things I was worried about” would be in the top 5. There is a magical thing that happens here (and I can only say this because I’ve experienced it too). When you see all of your beautiful states of emotion come to the surface, shine through your expressions and body language, you’re forced to admit to yourself that you’re fucking hot! You’re faced with this reality that you’re flawed to perfection and you get to celebrate that.

The other thing in touches on is how we handle retouching. By default, we keep it pretty light, like you on your best day. No bruises or scratches or blemishes, etc. But we also meet you where you are on your journey. So, if want a little extra love in the retouching arena, we’ve got you covered.

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5- Are there any tips or techniques to help me feel more comfortable during my boudoir session? I love this question because my best advice is to leave the judgements at the door and trust us. When you walk through our doorway, close your eyes, take a deep breath, have some self love affirmations ready to go, and throw yourself into the experience. We’ve got you. This is the safest place you can be. Here, you are seen, you are heard, you are cared for, and you are loved. There is a reason you follow us or you recently found us online. We are really good at what we do. Trust us and trust that you are not the exception to the rule that this experience is for everyone. It truly is and if you want proof, hop on a call with me because I have all the stories as to how these experiences changed me. Or hear what Melissa had to say.

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6- Is it possible to do an outdoor boudoir shoot? I love that this is a top question! We can and have done boudoir outside. It’s very liberating!

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7- Are there any post-shoot activities that will help prolong the effects of the boudoir photoshoot? While this is such a specific question that is hard to answer since it can be so personal to the person, it brings me to a recent session we did that was a part of a client’s self-care week. So, the best advice I can give to touch on this question is to look at our experiences almost like a self love therapy session. It’s a chance to feel empowered, a chance to reclaim your power and sexuality, an opportunity to rewrite a narrative that you’ve had about who you are, retell your story. The artwork you purchase will be how you can remind yourself of that story and all those warm feels you experience. Another thing we hear a lot is how clients continue to feel a new level of confidence months, even years, after their session.

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Whether it’s a solo boudoir journey you’re looking for, or you want to share this experience with your partner(s), I have two places you can start. 1- If you haven’t already joined our Facebook group it’s the best resource for client testimonials, session ideas/inspiration, and hype when you need it the most. 2- Schedule a chat with us! We would love to tell you more and get to know you.

-erika (yes, that’s me below!)

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