Queer, Nonbinary, Polyamorous Mom Of Three Takes On Their Extreme Body Dysmorphia With Self Love Affirming Boudoir Photoshoot

Queer Boudoir Photography

Meet Desi! Desi describes themselves as a queer, nonbinary, polyamorous mom of three, currently navigating parenthood and the unique challenges it poses to them.  

“I’m still hitched to my best friend and co-parent, although we have found ways to love others while still creating a safe home that honors our childrens’ need for consistency and safety,” they shared with us. 

LGBTQ Boudoir Photographers

For Desi, there’s nothing more important to them than their children’s safety, as they themselves once had their own safety compromised. 

“I am an abuse survivor working daily to love myself the way others love me. And see my light,” they explained. 

Queer Affirmative Boudoir Photos

It goes without saying that if Desi was going to go through with their own boudoir session, it needed to be with someone they could trust. 

“I have extreme body dysmorphia and after rapid weight gain this year after a cancer scare and multiple surgeries, I wasn’t sure I would be able to receive images of myself in a positive light.”

LGBT+ Boudoir Photoshoot

Luckily, Desi had some friends that had taken the leap ahead of them with Allebach Photography and were able to talk with Desi about how great their own experiences had been. 

Though their friends had shared with Desi about how comfortable they’d felt during their own session, Desi was still surprised by how immediate their level of comfort was. It was like the studio became an instant safe space. 

Queer Friendly Boudoir Shoot

Desi brought along some lingerie, a white button down, a short skirt and one of their favorite graphic tees, from Jurassic Park! They really enjoyed playing around with their outfits!

Queer Positive Boudoir Session

Though Desi said their photo reveal opened their eyes to some of the weight gain they’d had over the past year, they still found themselves beautiful. 

“I chose the pictures that were playful and sweet and up close and personal because I think that is how my partners see me and I get to see myself through their eyes,” Desi said about choosing their artwork afterwards.

LGBT+ Boudoir Props and Wardrobe Ideas

Desi said they left that day feeling beautiful, energized and self-affirmed and has some advice for anyone coming in for their own session.  

“I would encourage others to really set the whole day aside. No phones. Just relax and enjoy being pampered,” they said. 

What to Expect From a Queer-Affirming Boudoir Shoot

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