Inspiring The Women In Her Life, She Booked A Boudoir Session As The Beginning Of An Entire Self Care Week

What are the benefits of boudoir photoshoots as a form of self-care?

When Nicole shared with her friends that she was coming into the Allebach Photography studio for her own boudoir session she was floored by the amount of encouragement and happy vibes she received. 

How can I ensure that my boudoir experiences are comforting and empowering?

“I posted about attending this session on Facebook and was flooded with words of encouragement from the women in my life, how brave and awesome I was, how beautiful I looked, how I was motivating them to consider their own self care,” said the wife and mom of one. 

What should I consider when selecting a photographer for my boudoir photoshoot?

Nicole loved that her own self-care was inspiring others to do the same. 

“I loved doing it just for me but felt proud to see that it made others feel motivated too!”

Nicole is a forensic technical director for not one, but five crime lab sites, so she spends an awful lot of time working and thought getting dolled up for a boudoir session was the perfect way to give herself a break for all her hard work. 

What poses work best for a boudoir shoot that is focused on self-care?

From the moment she stepped into our studio, Nicole says she could feel the positive energy reverberating off the walls. 

“I felt a lot of positive energy right out of the gate, from makeup until the photo review!”

She added, “I was blown away by the variety of set designs in the space and was grateful for how helpful the guidance for posing was.”

Nicole brought along a few pieces of lingerie to pair with garters, stockings and heels, but her favorite piece she chose for her session was a trench coat.

What type of clothing and accessories will make me feel most confident during my boudoir photoshoot?

“I wanted to replicate an energy of a sexy outfit under a trench coat and I was so excited about how bad ass they ended up looking,” Nicole said, on looking back at some of her favorite images from the day. 

How long should my boudoir session be to maximize the self-care experience?

Nicole said she hadn’t planned on doing any nude photos but when she saw examples of some of our bodyscaping pieces on display in the office, she said she just had to try it. And she was so glad she did because those are some of her favorite images as well. 

Are there any tips or techniques I can use to get the most out of my boudoir photoshoot?

“They put tears in my eyes! I was so grateful for this moment because I honestly felt proud of myself and beautiful, which has been a struggle for myself.”

Is there a certain time or day that works best for planning a self-care boudoir session ?

Her favorite part of the day was her photo reveal, though she admits not just because of the photos. She worked up quite the appetite during her shoot!

“Honestly, I was dreaming about those snacks while I was waiting too, scarfed those cheeses and crackers like there was no tomorrow.”

Are there any post-shoot activities that will help prolong the healing effects of the session ?

For anyone thinking about booking a session with us, Nicole says to give yourself entirely over to the process. 

“Just give yourself over, they know what they are doing to make the most amazing photos!”

Nicole is already dreaming about doing a couples boudoir session with her husband, who was as equally excited about her photos as she was!

“My husband is so excited about this, and the idea of doing this after we’ve gotten a little comfortable!”

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