Newlyweds Kickstart Their Honeymoon Weekend With A Sexy, Spicy Couples Boudoir Session

Wedding Boudoir Photography

Recently we re-welcomed into the studio Megan and Jake, but this time they came back to us as newlyweds! If you’d like to read about their first experience (where they share with us how they opted for a boudoir session instead of traditional engagement photos), check out their story here!

Ideas for Bridal Boudoir Photos

Megan is a portrait and wedding photographer whereas Jake works in technical manufacturing. Together, they live in Erie and are raising their rambunctious 6-year-old son and spend most of their free time with him. 

The couple decided it was time to return for another session because they said it would be the perfect way to reward themselves after all the stress of wedding planning (and seriously, we can’t think of a better way to jumpstart your honeymoon either!)

Wedding Boudoir Props and Wardrobe

“Our first session with Mike, about two years ago, really helped us feel closer as a couple and sparked so much intimacy in our relationship. So when I saw you guys advertising for a model call, just a few months before our wedding, I thought there couldn’t possibly be a better way to kick start our honeymoon,” Megan shared with us. 

How to Prepare for a Wedding Boudoir Session

“After two solid years of going through the stress that is wedding planning, we felt like we needed it!” 

Since they weren’t newbies this time around, Megan and Jake said they felt more comfortable and confident going in, though they still got those day of jitters. 

“We both had fears that we would end up comparing our new photos to our last set and feel bad about how our bodies have changed over time,” said Jake.

What to Expect From a Bridal Boudoir Session

In keeping with the wedding theme, Megan wore her bridal robe, her veil and the hairpiece she wore on their wedding day and Jake wore his matching suit. 

“For our spicy set, I wore a long-sleeved black detailed body suit and Jake wore his black boxers. Then for our comfy cozy set, I wore a button up sweater body suit with knee high socks and Jake wore an undershirt and comfy boxers,” said Megan. 

Tips for Getting Ready for a Wedding Boudoir Shoot

Megan said her favorite part of this session was getting to use the velvet Old Hollywood style set. 

“The big beautiful retro mirrors, bold, rich colors, and warm lighting made us feel like movie stars.”

Unique Gift Ideas With Your Wedding Boudoir Photos

Despite their initial fears, Megan and Jake trusted the process like they did last time and the end results far from disappointed!

“We came into it with a broad general idea of what we wanted. Mike and Erika took it all, ran with it, and absolutely blew us away with the results.”

Because of that level of comfortability, the couple says they were able to really lean into their session and transcend the next level of intimacy. 

“We didn’t expect to be so much more comfortable this time around we were able to lean deeper into our sensuality naturally,” said Jake.

And that level of intimacy definitely came across in their photos!

“We were very surprised with how spicy we looked from an outside perspective this time around!” said Megan.

Megan and Jake chose an album to match the one they got from their last session. They left feeling sexy, empowered, desired, and most of all, connected to each other. 

“This shoot truly helped us reconnect as a couple and remember who we were before we became a ‘bride and groom’/ ‘husband and wife’ and remember why we wanted to get married in the first place. It led us into a honeymoon weekend filled with passion and romance and we haven’t been able to keep our hands off each other since. I feel so much more confident and happy with my body,” said Megan.

“I also really loved getting to watch Mike and Erika working together as a team. It really made for a new experience than our last time around. You guys are a dream team and I was photo-nerding out so hard watching your workflow. It was really awesome seeing that transition in person!” She added. 

For anyone thinking about booking their first (or second!) session with Allebach Photography, Jake and Megan say, “GO FOR IT! Being nervous is natural but if you just feel through it, and trust the process I swear you won’t be disappointed! The empowerment that comes from seeing yourself/ your relationship from an outside perspective can be completely life changing. The confidence it gives you lingers and helps you to grow and achieve more in all areas of your life. I think everyone should try boudoir at least once in their lifetime!”

Are you ready to sign up yet?! To schedule your own boudoir session (solo or couples) with Allebach Photography, call 610.539.6920 or visit to schedule your complimentary consultation with us! 

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