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Mom Lights Up Seeing Her Boisterous Sons Look Like Angels

North Wales Family Photographer

Katy, who is not only a full time working mom but is also in a doctorate level academic program, knows her time with her sons is precious, which is why we truly appreciate her making the time to bring her boys in for a Renaissance session. 

“We keep a very busy schedule so the time we spend together is precious,” says Katy. 

Philadelphia Family Portraits

When she’s not working or studying, Katy enjoys building block towers and art projects like coloring and playing hockey outside with her three year old and her nearly two year old. 

Classic Children's Portraits

Katy had seen some of the photos of families and children from our Renaissance sessions and she became quickly convinced that she needed to do a session with her boys. 

“I saw some of the photos online and loved the look of them as true art, like a painting.  They were beautiful and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The renaissance photos looked like actual paintings in a museum,” she shared with us.  

Blue Bell Family Photographer

The day of the session Katy says she was excited but had some nerves, as she knows how tricky it can be to photograph young children! She was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly the session went. 

Mom and Child Professional Portraits

“The session far exceeded my expectations. Working with children can be stressful and you are wanting to have them look cute and smile, and sometimes they just don’t want to cooperate.  Erika was very gracious and could not have been sweeter with my boys. We really had a fun time and they kids were laughing with Erika and thought she was a blast. She really exceeded my expectations of patience and grace. And of course the photos came out wonderful!”

Some of her favorite photos wound up being the ones where her boys were caught in the moment just being silly and laughing. 

“You can’t deny the innocence and smile of a child. Seeing my boys portrayed as angels was perfect.”

She also loves the ones where each of her boys is giving her a kiss. 

Mom and Son Angel Children's Portraits
Renaissance Style Portraits

“It just makes me shine on the inside. To see that they love me and I love them and to have it captured is really special. Sometimes the mom is the picture taker instead of the subject, so this was really nice to have some pictures of me with my boys.”

Katy is so happy to have some lasting memories documented that they can look back on. 

Montgomery County Family Photography

“I just wanted to have something like this to have to look back on the time when my babies were little. In the end, I purchased an album because there were just so many images I wanted to have forever. I picked it up yesterday and it is beautiful. I’ll cherish it all my life,” she said. 

Mom and Children Professional Portrait Photography

Katy had such a positive experience with us she says she can’t wait to return for future sessions!

Are you ready to turn your own family into a work of art? Book your own session by calling 610.539.6920 or by visiting

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9 Reasons A Family Session Is The Best Gift

If you have children, I’m sure you’ve noticed how fleeting moments are and how quickly they change. Capture all those small but precious quirks they possess or things they do that remind you how special they are, right now, in this moment.

You may live together, and/or spend a lot of time together. But when was the last time you truly spent quality time loving and appreciating one another? Photo sessions are a chance to slow down and just be present with each other.

The value of family portraits increase with time. Lots of gifts are exchanged, opened, appreciated, adored, and then forgotten. A photograph created now, is priceless and precious twenty, even thirty years from now. A window to the past, crystal clear.

It’s sad to say but aging really takes a toll on memory. Our elderly relatives, and us as we continue to age, will have the opportunity to look back upon happy memories. Time-traveling brought to fruition.

What better way to say “I Love You” than a photographic love letter. As your children age, leave the nest, and grow their own families, they can channel your love through those special moments frozen in time.

This one goes out to all those people who are great at taking the photos, but never end up IN the photos. I’m certainly one of those, and as a photographer, I can’t rave enough about how important it was to have my own session. Yes, that’s me below!

There is a lot of beautiful artwork out there to decorate your home and it can be overwhelming to decide what fits your style best. That’s the beauty of photos! They can be designed to match your aesthetic. It couldn’t be a more custom piece of art, nor could it be more meaningful.

Now, more than ever before, you just never know the next time you’ll see someone you care about. Capture the love and connection you share, so you can always be transported there when you need it most.

One of our favorite parts of these experiences is getting to know our clients and all about how they spend time as a family. They become a chance to have fun and be unapologetically yourselves. Sure, we do a little bit of posing to set it up, but at the end of the day, we capture who you are as a family. So be silly, dance a little, laugh a lot, sing loud, and hold onto each other tightly.

Erika Schoof has over 10 years’ experience as a photography studio and production manager. Learn more about our studio at or by texting 610.539.6920. Join our facebook group here

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Finding and Celebrating Love After Separation

Ron and Michelle are the perfect example of finding love after a painful breakup or divorce.  

The two met years ago through mutual friends but at the time were each in their own respective relationships. Though they sensed an attraction, they never acted on anything until both relationships ended; Ron ended his and Michelle left an emotionally abusive marriage. 

“We found ourselves leaning on one another due to the similar struggles we were both having trying to rebuild our lives,” Ron explains. 

That friendship and connection would soon grow into something more After years of checking each other out from afar, the two eventually spent their first night together. 

“It was absolutely amazing, both physically and emotionally. There was such an immediate connection for both of us in every way,” Michelle says. 

Initially, Michelle joked that Ron would be her “hit and quit,” neither of them intended for anything more serious to develop.

“We now so lovingly say our “stupid feelings” got in the way of all that! We loved that term so much that Michelle had it engraved on the inside of my wedding ring,” said Ron. 

From there there was no stopping the couple; they continued to fall in love with each other and Ron was seamlessly integrated in Michelle’s family, of which she has three children. 

“The kids accepted me quickly and soon we found ourselves enjoying the company of each other and the kids. I also found myself falling in love with the kids just as much as I had fallen for Michelle,” says Ron.

“Ron has also loved the kids and treated them like his own which is something every single mom will tell you is absolutely everything,” says Michelle. “

After all these years we truly have created a loving family of our own. We have both said that our one regret in this relationship is that we didn’t have the chance to meet each other sooner in life and grow a family together from early on.”

Ron continues, “Our love is something that we both had always wanted and imagined a love was supposed to be. However, as is usually the case, life has its own plan for you and you just end up settling for what you have at the time. Which is exactly what we both did for so long. In my case that settling left me wanting a partner that not only fulfilled me physically but emotionally as well. In Michelle’s case it left her damaged and broken in many ways after years of psychological abuse.”

When Michelle came across one of our model calls for a Couples Boudoir Session social media, she decided she really wanted to capture her love with Ron and all it represented. While Ron admits he was a little reluctant at first he says it was Michelle who was the more nervous of the two going into their session. 

“Even though I believe that she is amazing in every way, she struggles to see in herself what I do,” he explained. 

Michelle says that Mike, along with Ron’s calming presence immediately calmed her. 

“We ended up having a blast with Mike and the photo shoot. He made us feel so comfortable and at ease, that we just lost ourselves in each other. We had such a fun time changing outfits, taking Mike’s direction for photo shots, and creating our own spin on several photos we ended up taking and buying. We really let ourselves get into the moment and at times forgot Mike was even there taking photos of us during some of our most vulnerable and somewhat intimate moments,” said Michelle.   

As far as a twist, Ron surprised Michelle by bringing two football jerseys. 

“My family grew up in South Philly, so naturally I am a die hard Eagles fan.  Michelle is a transplant from Chicago, so naturally she’s a Bears fan!  I brought both an Eagles and Bears jersey which we took photos in,” he said. 

The couple cried when they sat down to view their photos afterwards. 

“Michelle and I both couldn’t believe that it was actually us in those pictures. We are just your average couple with many flaws. But through the photos we saw exactly what each other finds so incredible about the other person,” said Ron. 

Though it was difficult to pair down their favorites, the couple purchased an album. 

“It was very hard to continue to narrow down the photos because all of them were so great.  But in the end we agreed we picked our most favorite ones. Some of our favorite photos were me on my knees kneeling before Ron, the sensual kisses from behind by Ron on my back and neck, and of course the football jerseys photos!” says Michelle.  

After all said and done, the experience was amazing, sensual, loving and fun.  

“Mike is truly an artist with his photos!  We would say we came away closer, and even more into our love for one another then before this experience. It’s hard to put into words what the experience brings to your relationship, but Mike really does an awesome job making you feel relaxed and let you be yourselves and show your love for one another in the most organic way possible,” says Michelle. 

After they were finished, the couple both signed the bathroom wall with their feelings. 

“My message left to others was, ” Stay In The Moment, Stay Into Yourselves, Stay In Love.” We think that sums up the entire experience perfectly!  We came away with such great memories, fantastic artwork, and an experience that we never could have expected would be so beautiful!  We are so happy we did this!” Ron says.

“The only thing we want to get out there to others thinking about doing this is that you don’t need to be a model, skinny, or perfect to be photographed in your best light!  Be who you are and love who you are, both individually and together!  Show the world your love and screw what everyone else like ‘one star Cheryl’ may think of you!”

Book your couples boudoir session by calling 610.539.6920 or going to

Christine Wolkin is a freelance writer and writes for Allebach Photography. Learn more about our studio at or by texting 610.539.6920.

pet photography

Welcome to the Family Rogue!

We’d like the welcome the newest member of our family Rogue, an English Bull Terrier. She got off the plane at Philadelphia Airport and went straight to our North Wales studio for a pet photography session.   Isn’t she the cutest!?!?!?!Lansdale Pet Photography

Pet Photographer North Wales and Lansdale, Pa.
Pet Photographer North Wales and Lansdale, Pa.

Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography English Bull Terrier Rouge Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Bull Terrier Pet Photography Rouge the Puppy Puppy Photographer Bull Terrier Puppy Playful Dog Bull Terrier Dog under the Couch Bull Terrier Pet Photography North Wales Pet Photography






Totally adorbs!

Photo session by Allebach Photography at 403 E Walnut Street North Wales, Pa 19454. Contact us for your pet photography session here. 

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Instagram Contest for Free 1 Hour Photoshoot with Allebach Photography

Go to our instagram at to check out the brand new contest

Rules > Repost either of these images with @tattooedbridephotoguy #allebach to enter on instagram!  Snap a pic of the screen with your phone or use a reposting ap. 

1HourContest3 1HourContest2


We are still booking nerdy awesome tattooed lesbian and gay weddings for 2015.  We photograph anywhere in the United States. Click here to contact us today! 

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Headshots by Allebach Photography

Headshot Portraits by Mike Allebach

Announcing headshot portraits by Allebach Photography. Need a headshot or portrait?  Visit our studio in North Wales, Pa close to Lansdale & Blue Bell and accessible from Philadelphia via the Lansdale/Doylestown train.  We photograph headshots for business people, entrepreneurs, actors, tattoo artists and wedding business professionals.  Our rates start are $200 for a full shoot with a fully retouched high resolution images for your LinkedIn profile, FB, business webpage and more.

Headshots for Philly and Blue Bell
A few examples of the styles of headshots we offer. We have access to white, black, brick and our super secret hallway headshot location (our most popular).

Need headshots on white? Headshots on black? We can do that but our most popular is the secret headshot hallway shown in many of the portraits below.


Allebach Photography Studio in North Wales for Headshots

philly studio headshot
Area for Studio Portraits in North Wales / Blue Bell Studio

We have a full-service Photography Studio in the heart of North Wales, PA. 40 minutes from Philadelphia and 90 minutes from New York, we are easily accessible by car. We are also just 1 block from the R5 Septa Train Station.
Book your session today (or ask questions here)


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The Studio Is Open in North Wales, Pa! (epic uncensored party pics inside)

After being in business for 7 years the Allebach Photography studio opened. It’s 40 minutes outside of Philadelphia in North Wales, Pa.  We still will do weddings in Philadelphia and all around the United States.  BUT we also will be doing headshots for LinkedIn, senior portraits, family photos, tattoo stories and other awesome photoshoots at our North Wales location.  It’s an easy walk (1 block) from the North Wales station of the R5 Lansdale / Doylestown line from Center City Philadelphia.

Please contact us today if you’d like an in studio portrait session.

This is also the location for Mike Allebach’s newest venture marketing TV show & blog called BrandsmashTV.

Here are some pics from the Studio Opening party by Lee Shelly.

Elias Cadiz Tim & Mike Philly / North Wales Rachel Allebach Allebach Photography

Here are some photo booth pics:

Philadelphia-Studio-Opening-Allebach (32 of 131)Allebach Photography Opening Allebach Photography Opening Allebach Photography Opening Mike Allebach Mike Allebach Mike Allebach, Lee Shelly & Caitlin Mike, Lee & Caitlin

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Holiday Mini Sessions this Saturday!

At the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention, people asked me do you do photos other than weddings?  The answer is yes!
I’m running  a super awesome ONE DAY sale for photos.  It may have been a while since you’ve had your photo taken.  So I’m offering family photos to only my friends who have subscribed to my email list (sign up here)
So what is a mini session?
A mini session is specifically to get that one perfect photo for your family.  Great for your Christmas card or as gifts!  It can be of you, kids if you’ve got them, even a pet…yes, kids under 1yr old are even cool.  They only take 15 minutes.
What if I can’t make it Saturday, Nov 23?
This is a pre holiday rush sale.  Only available to book until 12midnight for sessions on this Saturday only.  You will have other chances to get photos but not at this amazing deal.
Can I use this to get a Christmas headshot for my company newsletter?
Sure!  You can use them how you’d like
What will they look like?
You’ll have a choice between 4 sets in the new studio located at 403 East Walnut Street, North Wales, Pa (1 block from the R5 train station & 40 minutes from Philadelphia).  Including 2 christmas sets (my very fuzzy cell phone pic of rock n roll christmas set is shown above).
How can I book a session?
Click on the link here and find a time that works for you.  After you book, you’ll be sent to a page to pay.  Click pay deposit and we’ll reserve your time/space.

Christmas Photos

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Studio Opening! We Are Now in North Wales, Pa

Allebach Photography Studio now in North Wales, Pa

 Allebach Photography Studio in North Wales, Pa

Attn Tattooed Brides and awesome photography clients: we are now located at the Photo Loft in North Wales!

The Photo Loft is a 2,700 sq ft, full-service, ‘center-city style’ Photography Studio in the heart of North Wales, PA.

30 minutes from Philadelphia and 90 minutes from New York, we are easily accessible by car. We are also just 1 block from the SEPTA R5 ‘North Wales’ train station.

With a 12′ Cyclorama wall as well as 3 other shooting areas, The Photo Loft offers everything from full fashion photography to small product shots and everything in between.

Studio: 403 E. Walnut St, 2nd Floor, North Wales, PA 19454