Red Hot Couples Boudoir Portraits: The Ultimate Guide

Why Couples Boudoir?

Look beautiful and feel amazing as a couple. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to pose for sexy photos with your partner? Couples Boudoir is a fun and creative way to explore. Couples boudoir portraits are not only an intimate experience, but they are also the perfect opportunity for couples to take control of their relationship and experiment with new fantasies.

Today, couples boudoir photography remains popular because it can help reignite passion in relationships. Whether you are celebrating your 10th anniversary or just want to spice up your love life, couples boudoir photography is a great way to do it.

Couples Boudoir Portraits Philadelphia

Photographer Mike Allebach has over 15 years of experience and creates stunning images that will make any couple swoon.

How Much Does Couples Boudoir Cost

Allebach couples boudoir photography reminds couples to be in the moment. What sets Allebach’s couples boudoir apart is the detail of the experience.

Couples Boudoir Portrait Poses

Allebach Photography does not just offer the traditional boudoir service for couples. Allebach offers a variety of packages and shoot styles to suit your needs including: couple portraits, couples boudoir strip tease, bridal boudoir portraits, and honeymoon photography. Many people have said that they have been able to reconnect with their partner in a new and intimate way through the Allebach Photography experience.

Topless Couples Boudoir

It all starts with a phone call with Mike Allebach at Allebach Photography and he will be happy to chat about the different packages they offer. During your phone conversation, Mike will ask you a few questions to get an idea of what you are looking for in your couples photography experience.

What do you want to celebrate about your relationship?

The next step is an in-person tour (if you are local) where you can talk with Mike about what you want captured in your couples boudoir portrait session. What do you love the most about your partner? Your session is planned around the bond you share.

50 Shades Couples Boudoir Portrait

They will answer all of your questions about the couples boudoir portrait experience and help you to envision what artwork you will create from the session.

Couples Boudoir Ideas

What to wear for couples boudoir portraits?

Couples Bedroom Photography
Some people wear nothing at all for their couples boudoir portraits

Your photo session will capture you and your love in 2-3 different outfits. Some people get dressed up and others start in their underwear. The couples boudoir portrait photo shoot will begin in a bedroom setting. The Allebach Photography team is waiting for you to turn this into your own private moment with their photographer capturing every intimate detail of the experience, from the lighting on your face, to the love in your eye and that smile on your lips as you share it together.

What to Wear for Couples Boudoir
Throuples Boudoir
Allebach Photography’s Optional Red Room

What Kind of Couples Get This Type of Boudoir?

Couples of all ages 21 to 81 get couples boudoir! It’s never too late to have a couples boudoir photosession. In fact, couples of all ages are getting into the trend with both partners posing for sexy pictures together.

Couples come from all sorts of backgrounds and get their boudoir portraits taken for many reasons: as an anniversary gift, as a way to reconnect after children or illness, and just because they want something special in life that’s theirs alone.

Ready for a Couples Boudoir Portrait Session?

Join hundreds of couples who have had boudoir sessions at Allebach Photography! If you’re ready to do this experience yourself–or if you know someone who needs some inspiration to start!–we can’t wait help make it happen! Schedule your appointment today by clicking here or texting us at 610.539.6920

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