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Bring Out Your Pure Beauty With Boudoir

Baylee says she’s always had a difficult time feeling comfortable in her own skin, “hence why I get tattoos to make myself feel beautiful.”

Tattooed Boudoir Photography

“I’m not comfortable in my own skin, and I mostly think it’s because I am way too judgmental on myself (but who isn’t lol),” she explained. “I’m always comparing myself to these Instagram models and I’m just like, ‘damn why can’t I have that perfect body with the perfect shaped boobs?’ I just get so down on myself all the time so when I have an opportunity to feel sexy and beautiful for a day I’m going to go for it.” 


Baylee (who is a self-employed Dog Groomer in Philly and jokingly called herself “the patron saint of dogs”) discovered one of those opportunities when she met Mike at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention in 2018. But it took her until just last year to strike up the courage to ask her boyfriend to do a Couples Boudoir session. 

Vintage Boudoir Photography Sets

“We did that and I fell in love with the whole vibe of being very sexy, yet classy at the same time. I love the vintage feel of it all. It was so much fun. Being there with my boyfriend, seeing how happy he was…we were just feeding off of each other, the energy was great. Mike was so great making us laugh, telling us we are doing amazing, he was boosting our confidence so much,” she said, remembering that special day.

North Wales Boudoir Studio

Baylee was nervous, but also excited to return to the studio on her own for a solo session!

“When I got to the studio for my photo shoot, Mike and Erika made me feel amazing, beautiful, and sexy. My session was amazing, my makeup and hair were beautiful, the sets were beautiful. They are so down to earth and make you feel so relaxed – I told them I didn’t know how to hold my face correctly for photos. They were so sweet in guiding me, getting me out of my comfort zone. Erika was my own personal cheerleader, she is the sweetest person ever, I love her energy.”

Celebrate Your Sexy

When Baylee saw her solo session photos debut her jaw dropped to the floor. 

“When we went through the photos upstairs I almost cried, but I didn’t want to ruin my makeup. I never thought in my almost 26 years of life I could be that beautiful. I felt like Audrey Hepburn, just pure beauty,” says Baylee.

Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer

Some of her favorite photos are the ones of her on the bed, the ones with the chandelier, and even the close ups of her body, which completely surprised her!

Top Boudoir Photographer
Nude Black and White Boudoir Photography

Baylee chose her favorite photos and had them enclosed in our glass topped portrait box. 

“I think it’s a classic way to go in case you don’t want to have hanging art,” she said. 

Baylee feels like a completely new woman after her recent session. 

Pinup Boudoir Photography

“I felt like I came away a much stronger woman. I felt like I don’t compare myself to other women as much as I used to and I cannot thank you all enough for doing that for me. I love all of your work and what you can do for people and how you make people feel.”

Blue Bell Boudoir Photography Studio

To anyone thinking about doing a session, Baylee says, “If you are ever thinking about doing boudoir I will always say go for it because tomorrow isn’t promised. If you have the chance to take the leap I promise you, you won’t regret it and if other people try to change your mind forget them, you’re beautiful.”

Sexy Boudoir Photography

Are you ready to bring out your own inner Audrey Hepburn? Book your session by calling 610.539.6920 or by visiting

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Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2015

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

Join us at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention February 2015!  We’ll be sharing a booth with Inked Philly this year and selling 2015 Fight Like a Girl calendars.

Here are the details:

$22 Day / $45 3-Day Pass
Tickets are only sold at the show
Children under 12 are free

Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention
Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Friday 2 PM – 12 AM
Saturday 11 AM – 12 AM
Sunday 11 AM – 8 PM

Special Guests & Tattoo Artists:

Jason Clay Dunn from Ink Master Season 5 Winner
Scott Marshall from Ink Master Season 4 Winner
Joey Hamilton from Ink Master Season 3 Winner
Shane O’Neill from Ink Master Season 1 Winner
Karly Cleary from Best Ink Season 3 Winner
Jime Litwalk from Ink Master Season 3 Runner Up
Sarah Miller from Ink Master Season 2 & Ink Shrinks
Erik Siuda from Ink Master Season 5 Finalist
Alli Baker from Best Ink Season 2
Myke Chambers as Seen in Inked Magazine
Matti Hixson from Ink Master Season 4 Finalist
James Vaughn from Ink Master Season 1 Finalist
Halo Jankowski from Ink Master Season 4
Kyle Dunbar from Ink Master Season 3 & 4
Lydia Bruno from Ink Master Season 4
Amy Nicoletto from LA Ink
Aaron Is from Ink Master Season 5
Mark Longenecker from Ink Master Season 5
Emily Elegado from Ink Master Season 5
Ty-esha Reels from Ink Master Season 5
Robbie Ripoll from Ink Master Season 5
Caroline Evans from Ink Master Season 5
Takashi Matsuba : Tebori
Romeo Lacoste from Best Ink Season 3
Joseph Matisa from Best Ink Season 3
Chris Torres from NY Ink
Clint Cummings from Ink Master & Tattoo Nightmares: Miami
Jeremy Miller from Ink Master Season 1
Cee Jay from Ink Master Season 2
Joey Tattoo from Tattoo Rescue
VH1’s Black Ink Crew
Philadelphia Eddie
Brian O’Halloran from Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, & Vulgar

As you can see a lot of talented people will be at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention.  We hope to see you there!

2014 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention booth
2014 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention booth



Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

Join us at the Philadelphia tattoo arts convention this year!  We will have a booth at the tattoo convention.

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention
Philadelphia Tattoo Convention with Allebach Photography

Look our for our Tattooed Bride sign which looks like this:

Tattooed Brides
Tattooed Brides by Allebach Photography

The following tattoos artists will be in attendance:

12 OZ. Studios
116 New Broadway
Brooklawn, NJ 08030
Alex Feliciano
Byron Holland


570 Tattoo
57 N Main St
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701
(570) 825-7270
Ron Russo
Shaun Flynn