Calling In Love: A Recap of Our Soulful Half-Day Retreat

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After some reflective time and integration, it’s clear that our inaugural studio retreat was an absolute triumph! The serene atmosphere, the opportunity for introspection and healing, all came together seamlessly, providing precisely what we all craved.

Under the expert guidance of Malka and Yehudah from Calling In Love, we hosted a half-day retreat at our studio in North Wales. Filled with diverse healing practices, we united to support one another on our healing journeys.

We began by harnessing the power of our breath, moving energy and vitality through our bodies in unison on our mats. By aligning our chakras, awakening our pineal gland, and releasing energy blockages, we set the stage for transformation.

Next, Yehudah treated us to luxurious, earthy cacao from Colombia. This profound ceremonial drink opened our heart chakras, paving the way for an intimate eye-gazing and family constellation exercise. Through this experience, we nurtured self-love, self-acceptance, and mutual grace.

What better way to move and release our energy than through ecstatic dance! Malka and Yehudah filled the space with music, encouraging us to move to the rhythm, expressing ourselves freely, and reveling in our authentic selves. Laughter, tears, and joy intermingled as we danced our hearts out.

As the energy gradually ebbed, we transitioned to our mats for the transformative sound healing segment. With Malka’s celestial vocals paired with sound healing tools and her brother’s intuitive mastery of various instruments – including the saxophone, piano, and didgeridoo – we were enveloped in a cascade of sound from our roots to our crowns. The vibrations evolved from deep and grounding to light and ethereal, dissolving lingering stagnant energies. Personally, I navigated through limiting beliefs, deep-seated pain, and past traumas ready for release. I emerged feeling unburdened, liberated, and empowered!

The impact of this event resonates not only through the joyful event photos but also in the aura portraits crafted by Mike for each participant. I almost wish we had “before” and “after” snapshots as the transformative energy shift was palpable post-retreat.

We also have to give a great big shoutout to Crystal Visions in Chalfont for the amazing gift bags they donated for this event. Each was lovingly packaged with dried and fresh lavender, an incense stick, crystals, stickers, evil eye protection, a handmade intention candle and a coupon for their incredible store. If I could shop there every single day, I absolutely would. No other store brings me the level of peace I feel as when I am there. And the shop owner, Michelle, is an extremely gifted channeler with a wealth of knowledge I can only wish to have a fraction of. I’ve been to dozens of shops and none come close to hers, so it was a real treat to give these thank you bags to everyone.

Crystal Visions, Chalfont, PA, Intention Candles, Incense, Evil Eye

The bonds formed, the breakthroughs achieved, and the collective healing and growth energy will reverberate for months to come. Envision yourself partaking in our next inspiring journey towards personal evolution and join us in this profound experience!

While we haven’t scheduled our next retreat just yet, you can still experience the healing power of sound, breath and photography through our transformative boudoir experiences.

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