“I swear it’s like the cloud finally lifted.” RKN shares her story of celebrating herself post-divorce.

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RKN is a children’s librarian but when you see her steamy boudoir photos you’ll find it hard to believe she has anything in common with that cranky old lady that used to shush you in grade school!

“I was a stay at home mom for about ten years before getting back into the working world. I’ve been at my current job for over a year and a half now doing children’s programs,” says RKN, who loves to read, listen to music and watch football.

RKN came into the studio to celebrate her recent divorce and to reacquaint herself with herself, “mom bod” and all.

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“I’m newly divorced and using my time without my girls to see my friends more often and get back into old hobbies and projects,” she explained. 

“Getting the divorce is what really did it I think. I wanted to celebrate how strong I am not only as a woman but as a mom and I realized I need to celebrate my body for all it has done for me.”

Though RKN was familiar with the Allebach studio, being a former photographer, she felt some nerves stripping down to her bra and panties for the camera. 

“The main one was not being super happy with my ‘mom bod’ and that I’m not where I wanted to be yet. I also had no idea how to pose,” she added (something we hear from our clients often. Don’t worry, Mike and Erika are more than happy to direct!). 

RKN brought along some of her favorite pieces of lingerie, a few bra and panty sets and then a staple of her wardrobe – a fun graphic tee, but by the end (and to her own surprise) she was posing nude. 

“When I first got there I changed in the bathroom; by the end I was standing nude in the studio not thinking a thing about it. I had read many testimonials so I thought it would make me feel good but the way Mike and Erika go above and beyond to make it really special was wonderful,” she said, adding that she was surprised by just how good she felt in her own skin.

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And when it was time for her big reveal, R let the tears flow. 

“I was brought to tears during the reveal. They are incredible.”

RKN left Allebach Photography feeling like the incredible and fierce woman she always knew she was and ready for her next chapter.

This fall was my first divorced holidays and they were rough for me. I’ve been in a funk since November and I swear it’s like the cloud finally lifted.”

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