“I honestly wasn’t sure if I would be able to go through with it.” – Amy’s journey from the sidelines to center stage

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Amy’s first experience of the Allebach Photography Experience was from the sidelines, but after she saw what it did for her friend she just had to come back and experience it for herself!

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“I signed up for a boudoir model call last summer after having gone with my friend, Kaitlyn, to her photoshoot and seeing how much more confidence she had,” says Amy. 

The confidence was what did it for Amy, who says she has never felt fully comfortable or happy with her body. 

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Amy is a transwoman who is “not completely out yet.” She still lives much of her days as male presenting, including when she is at work. 

Committing to a boudoir session, one where she’s embracing her femininity, meant a lot to Amy, on her journey to building up her confidence and self acceptance.  

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“I have a few close friends that have helped me become more confident and comfortable living as who I am,” she said. 

One of these friends was Kaitlyn. Not only did she help give Amy that extra little nudge to sign up, she returned the favor and joined Amy for her session.

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“Leading up to the photoshoot I was extremely nervous about revealing my body,” said Amy. “Nearly to the point of canceling.”

The morning of, Amy’s stomach was doing somersaults

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“I honestly wasn’t sure if I would be able to go through with it. I am so grateful I was able to.”

With a whole team of supporters by her side – Kaitlyn, Mike, and Erika – Amy leaned into her boudoir session, and more quickly than she thought she’d be able to while wearing a babydoll!

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“I was shocked by how quickly and easily Mike and Erika made me feel comfortable, even with how uncomfortable I was with my body. The photoshoot seemed to fly by and before I knew it, I was in the backroom with my friend waiting for the photo reveal,” she said.

When she saw the first photo, Amy’s jaw dropped in disbelief.

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“I could not believe that was me, and that I could look and feel that way. I saw a woman that was beautiful and confident and that woman was somehow me. Mike and Erika helped me realize that I can and should be confident and comfortable with myself.”

A year later, looking at those photos she was able to give to her supportive and loving wife, Amy still feels that same way. 

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“The confidence I have in myself and the way I view myself is much healthier than how I used to view myself.”

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