A Fateful Mistletoe Kiss, 9 Years, and Lots of Experiences Later, This Couple Celebrated Their Love and Lust With An Intimate Boudoir Session

Though they only just married last summer, Noel and Dan have known each other for more than 25 years, and been together for 9 of those. 

“We were both married when we met, and our kids grew up around each other. As years passed, both our marriages ended, but we remained within the same social circles,” explains Noel.

Couples boudoir session captures loving memories

It was a bit of serendipity at an annual holiday party that made them see each other in a new light. 

“One year, I decided to hang mistletoe in the kitchen doorway, so as people came in the front door and up the stairs, they’d encounter me and I’d kiss them, boringly, on the cheek. Until someone complained, and I declared ‘OK, the next person in the door gets a REAL kiss.’ Imagine my disappointment to see that ‘Oh, it’s just Dan.’ Which quickly became ‘OH. WOW. DAN.’”

Boudoir session to commemorate 9 year anniversary

Fast forward to a year after that fateful night – the delay partly due to Dan being deployed, partly to them each being in relationships beforehand and yet another part due to them not wanting to ruin their friendship, or their kids’ – and Dan and Noel were dating seriously. 

A fateful mistletoe kiss leads to 9 year relationship celebration

“Once we started dating, though, it was pretty clear we were together long term. We were living together soon after, and while we didn’t get married until last summer, it was always the plan.”

Through those years, Dan and Noel have been through a lot together, never wavering in their support of one another. About five years ago, Noel underwent a mastectomy as the final part of her breast cancer treatment. Dan never once left her and full heartedly supported her decision not to have any reconstructive surgery. 

“I’ve suffered through a lot of self-image issues the past five years. The lack of breasts wasn’t the big thing – it was everything else. Weight gain, scars from being hit by a drunk driver, losing my ability to continue my old career as a result of that as well. Dan still was there and encouraging, and has managed to convince me that he still sees me as he did before all that happened.”

Timeless moment captured on camera during couples boudoir shoot

She continued, “He’s been with me through so much, and still looks at me as if I’m the entire world. Even when I had breast cancer and had a mastectomy, he was still convinced I was beautiful, and managed to help me learn to love myself again as well. I can only hope that he sees half as much love and adoration when I look at him as I do when he looks at me.”

The couple says they came to the studio for a boudoir session because they wanted to show their love – and their lust! – for each other. 

“Because no matter how long we’ve been together, that hasn’t changed,” said Noel.

Capturing special moments between couples with boudoir photography

While the both of them came into the studio with some first time jitters, on the day of their session, they shared with us that our lead photographers, Mike and Erika, immediately put them at ease. 

“We relaxed far more quickly than I expected. I didn’t think that we’d be able to ignore the camera and just be in the moment, but that proved FAR easier than expected!” says Noel, who brought along with her a robe, some negligee and a leather and chain top. Dan also wore a robe for some photos, as well as a kilt and briefs. 

Lovers embracing each other in romantic boudoir session

The day of their shoot, the couple felt excited and happy. 

“Mike and Erika both made us feel welcome and relaxed. The suggestions for how to pose were very helpful, and there was a lot more laughter and chatting than I’d expected. I felt like WE mattered, not that this was simply another photo shoot.”

Passionate moments shared between two lovers in boudoir shoot
Couple celebrating long lasting relationship with intimate photographs

After their session, Noel says she “started crying a little bit (good thing all the photos were already done!). Leading up to the shoot, we both were of the opinion that we’d be thrilled if the pictures got even a bit of how we each see the other look at us. Well, from the very first photo, it was there! And as much as I generally dislike photos of myself, I found that there were SO MANY that I absolutely loved.”

Powerful connection and love shines through in this couples photo shoot

Since their session, Noel and Dan have 1.) shared some really special intimate time together, 2.) talked about getting their own foldup St. Andrews Cross and 3.) already started thinking about their next session with us!

“I’m already starting to think about what I’d like to wear for an individual shoot. Beyond that – we’ve talked about it several times, and about how wonderful it was. And we’ve been shopping for a fold-up St Andrew’s Cross.”

Noel continued, “Mike and Erika are absolutely amazing. In addition to doing wonderful work, they made the entire experience enjoyable. From the initial phone calls to discuss, through the emails ahead of the shoot, and on the day – we felt like we mattered, and that this was more than just another photo shoot for them. It was about US!”

Long lasting bond captured perfectly in professional photography studio

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