Finding Time for Each Other: Celebrating 14 Years Together with an Intimate Photoshoot

Couples Boudoir in Delaware

While Ivy and Preston, who have been together for 14 years and married for 11 of those, absolutely adore their three children and spending time with them, they realized they could really benefit from some alone time just the two of them. 

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“We both spend a lot of our time involved with the kids’ activities, sports and little getaways. This was a great way to step away from our parent roles for a short while and enjoy each other’s company in an intimate way, while celebrating our anniversary,” said Ivy, who added that the couple dreams of retiring together at the beach when they’re older.  

Intimate Couple’s Photoshoot in Delaware

So when Ivy saw our couple’s model call on Instagram, she just knew she had to apply.

“Once I received an email back, I told Preston what we were getting ourselves into,” said Ivy, smiling. 

To her surprise, Preston was even more excited than she anticipated he would be for a Couples Boudoir session and thought it was a great way to spend their anniversary. 

Romantic Boudoir Photography in Delaware

Of the two of them, ironically it was Ivy that was a little more nervous about getting in front of the camera. (By the way, that’s totally normal and what’s great about a couple’s session is that you’re going through the experience together and can bounce off each other’s love and energy.)

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“Preston provided me with all the support to make me feel comfortable,” she said. 

She continued, “It was above and beyond what we expected. We really enjoyed our experience. I felt glamorous for the day getting my hair and makeup done. The staff was excellent at capturing our good sides and directing us.”

Luxury Couple’s Boudoir Session in Delaware

Watching their slideshow afterwards was “breathtaking, emotional and absolutely beautiful. It was an emotional experience but we loved so many images and it was hard to narrow some of them down,” said Ivy. 

The couple chose a canvas art piece for their bedroom, as well an album so they can look back at all their favorite images whenever they want to.

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“Not only did it match our bedroom colors but it had that ‘power couple’ vibe we wanted to show off.”

Ivy and Preston definitely feel like a power couple now, ready to tackle their day-to-day life with confidence in themselves and in their relationship.

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