59 Year Old Woman Bares It All In Beauty Destroying Crushing Boudoir Session

At Allebach Photography, we’re all about smashing narrow, “conventional”, not to mention just flat out wrong, beauty standards and unattainable expectations set upon us by society. One of those false and damaging beliefs is that as we age, especially us women, we grow less beautiful.

What should women keep in mind when posing for boudoir shoots?

But our clients (and we) know that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Recently, L came to us to show just how wrong those assumptions can be. 

What are the best strategies for embracing your age through boudoir photography?

L is 59 years young with two adult children. Though she’s been in a healthy long-term relationship, L says she’s noticed in recent years she hasn’t been valuing her physical qualities the way her partner, or other loved ones, do. 

“I workout and take care of myself but at this point in my life I don’t value myself for my appearance alone or how others view me physically,” she said.

 L wanted to work with a studio that didn’t just make her appear beautiful or younger, but brought forth her true, authentic self. 

I was a little concerned about how the photos would turn out. I didn’t want them to be all ‘trying to look sexy.’ More natural facial expressions,’” she said, adding that her “fake smile is awful.”

After taking a look at our online portfolio and speaking with our photographers during her initial, complimentary consultation, L decided to take the leap. 

“Allebach had photos that spoke to me.”

L, who brought a bra and panty set, along with a white robe, a pair of fishnet stockings and a sheer top, said one of her favorite parts of her session was getting all dolled up in hair and makeup. She said she was surprised by the amount of fun and comfort there was to her whole day.

“I was much more comfortable showing a LOT of skin. The photographers made me feel so safe and at ease. They asked if I would feel ok about bearing a little bit more here and there without expecting that I would. Every time I said yes…the photo was better!”

L said she surprised even herself with how much of a badass she felt during the whole process. 

“Damn girl, you still got it!” she said to herself afterwards! 

When she saw her photos, L said she could scarcely believe 

“Wow…some were sultry some had me laughing naturally some were very beautifully artistic. So many different sort of moods but they all worked. We went through the 100 photos on a big screen. [Most] were an immediate ‘gut’ yes! It was about how I looked and how they made me feel. I chose 34 photos…which is more than I expected but there was no way to choose less. There were just too many beautiful shots.”

Since her session, L says she’s more content with her age. 

“It has given me a sense of peace about myself as I age. It has dampened some of the negative self talk that all women struggle with.”

No matter what your age, at Allebach Photography we believe that every single person is beautiful and worthy of boudoir. 

To schedule your own Boudoir session with Allebach Photography, call 610.539.6920 or visit http://allebachphotography.com/contact/ to schedule your complimentary consultation with us! 

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