Transforming Trauma into Triumph: Rob and Mindy’s Path to Body Positivity and Love

You know that expression people use about promising the moon when they’d do anything for someone they love? 

You want the moon? Just say the word, and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.

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Well, Mindy says, that’s exactly the kind of man her husband, Rob, is.

“One of my favorite things about my husband is that he is so genuinely supportive. I could probably tell him I’d like to buy real estate on the moon and he’d start searching for how,” Mindy said fondly of her husband of nearly 15 years. 

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Throughout their relationship, Rob has been there through both the good and the bad. And so, when Mindy proposed a Couples Boudoir Session to celebrate their relationship following several intense years of health issues, he jumped in whole heartedly to the experience in spite of his own apprehensions.

“We recently went through some serious health complications that included five heart surgeries for me in four years. The trauma we experienced through those complications drew us closer together but also caused serious mental complications after,” explained Mindy.

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Now, Mindy says, she is learning how to love her body post surgery and the way it fits with Rob’s. 

“I am learning to love my new self not only as a 40-plus-year-old mom of 4 adults, but also as a traumatized woman with body image issues. I had to face the scars from my surgery, face a body that no longer looked like mine, and try to see myself the way my husband sees me. I felt like Rob and I needed a way to connect – not to ‘get back to our old selves,’ but to embrace our NEW selves where we are now, in this season.”

All of this self-reflection led Mindy to a Google rabbit hole, eventually landing her on Allebach Photography’s page. 

“I was immediately drawn to Allebach Photography. I knew if we did actually do a couples boudoir session, Mike was our photographer. It was obvious that he was comfortable photographing the appeal we were looking for. We weren’t sure how risqué we wanted to be but we knew that we were our limit – not our photographer,” she said. 

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The couple took a consultation over the phone and before they knew it they were driving to our studio in North Wales, a three hour trip that built up the anticipation for the session like butterflies before a first date!

“We instantly felt comfortable. The second we walked through the door and saw the welcome sign with our names on it, all nervousness went away,” Mindy said. 

Mindy forgot all about her self consciousness and post surgery insecurities about her body, which allowed her to focus on the connection between herself and Rob. She liked that while Mike and Erika gave them direction, ultimately it was the two of them that held the reins. 

“There really was no limit – Mike and Erika gave us suggested poses and then just let us go…while they might have chosen the setting and initial poses, we were in charge of all the action,” she reflected after.

After enjoying a whole hour of focusing on nothing but each other, Mindy and Rob got to sit back and see what they created, and the results blew them away!

“We were blown away by our images. My hope was that someone could capture our intimacy. We wanted to see it for ourselves. Mike and Erika nailed it! I didn’t know we looked that way! The session far exceeded our expectations. It’s not just empowering; it’s sexual and they are totally comfortable. We felt ALIVE and spicy! “

The couple chose an album of their favorites and a three-piece wall art to hang in their home. 

“I can’t wait to see those images every day as a reminder of the love and intimacy we share. It’s one thing to feel the intimacy with your partner; it’s a whole other world when you can SEE it. Every time I look at Rob, I see the smile on his face from our photos or the look in his eyes and the playfulness of the shoot. I didn’t think anything could bring us closer, but this experience definitely has.”” said Mindy. 

Want to give your partner the moon? How about a Couples Boudoir Session? Give us a call at 610.539.6920 or visit to schedule your free consultation!

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