10 Years Married, 20 Years Together, Ashley and Michael Celebrate With An Intimate Couples Boudoir Experience

20th anniversary boudoir session

Michael and Ashley share two values that make them ideal Couples Boudoir clients.

1.) They’re always open to new and exciting experiences

2.) They love each other dearly and aren’t afraid to show it. 

Anniversary couples boudoir photoshoot philadelphia

“We are always ‘open’ for a good time and love showing affection for one another,” Michael said. 

Those two things became apparent even before their session, when they shared with us their passion for life and for their family.  

Fully nude boudoir couple

“We are a married couple of 10 years, been together 20 years since way back in high school. We have two kids that are our world. Between them, their activities, and work we are very busy. When we are not busy we love to travel and explore all kinds of things and try to bring and show the kids all kinds of new things in life,” said Michael.

Black and white couples boudoir north wales
Sexy bathtub couples shoot

So when Michael saw an Instagram post promoting Couples Boudoir, he thought it sounded like something he and Ashley would like to explore together. 

“My wife had a solo one before somewhere else and I thought she would enjoy it if we did one together,” he explained. 

And boy was he right!

Wartenberg wheel boudoir

“We felt amazing, felt very close to each other and loved every minute of it,” he shared after their session. 

Despite their open attitudes, Michael said they were still a little nervous having their photos taken and so they were surprised by how smoothly the session went and with how comfortable they felt taking off their layers. 

BDSM couples boudoir new jersey

“I felt it was more comfortable than I thought it would be. They were very professional and knew exactly what to say to make everything feel comfortable.”

Ashley cried upon seeing their images, and both were thrilled with their results – Michael especially loved how sexy Ashley came across in their photos. 

“I feel like we reconnected at a level that maybe we didn’t realize was missing at the moment.”

To any couple considering doing a session, Michael says just go for it. 

“Just do it. It is an amazing experience and they will make you so comfortable. They give great advice during and make it feel so easy and natural.”
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