She Tried Boudoir Years Ago And Wasn’t Happy With The Results. Years And A Passing Train Sign Later, She Decided To Give Herself Another Chance

What are some tips for posing for a boudoir photoshoot for older women?

Judy had tried boudoir photography years ago, back when she was still married to her ex husband and it hadn’t been a great experience for her so when she saw our advertisement across the train tracks while waiting for her Septa she took it as a literal sign to give boudoir, and herself, another try. 

“I’ve been wanting to do another boudoir photo session again because my last I wasn’t happy with my photos. And the feedback I received from my ex-husband wasn’t nice either. But that’s in the past!! I am beautiful!” Judy said to us. 

Can I still do a boudoir photoshoot if I’m over 50 years old?

Judy is 58 year old, has three adult children, been divorced for eight years and is now happily in a new relationship. 

A self-described people pleaser, Judy says she was ready to do something special for herself for a change. 

“I’m a people pleaser and put everyone first before me. I struggle with mental health and chronic nerve pain, but I put my foot forward and live life the best that I can. My best friend in the world has always told me to do things for me…put myself first!

How can older women look their best in boudoir photos?

So that’s exactly what she did when she walked into our studio!

Though she was a little nervous at the start, with some fears that she wouldn’t appear photogenic or beautiful in her photos, Erika and Rachel (team hair and makeup!) quickly put those fears to rest. In fact, Judy was so pleased with how comfortable she felt with Erika, she even surprised herself by taking off more layers than she’d anticipated. 

What should I wear to a boudoir photoshoot as an older woman?

“When Erika and Rachel gave me positive reinforcements, I felt amazing and loved myself more! I was surprised by the one on one time Erika spent with me showing me different poses and ideas of different poses with each outfit I had. I felt so comfortable with Erika that I did a topless photo,” said Judy.

To her happiness, she had the exact opposite experience that she had with the previous boudoir photographer she’d worked with all those years ago. 

About the studio space she said, “The set up was a lot different. Your space was large and full of different furniture and items to have photos taken.”

Where can I find the most experienced photographers for boudoir shoots of older women ?

And instead of being unhappy with her photos, she was absolutely elated!

“I couldn’t believe how well they turned out…how beautiful I looked!! I never felt so beautiful in my life!”

Does every older woman have to go nude during her boudoir shoot?

Judy created a photo album of her absolute favorite images from the day so that she could look back on it as a reminder to herself of how beautiful she really is. 

Since her session, Judy says she’s felt more confident and accepting of her body.

What types of poses work best for an older woman during a boudoir shoot ?

“Every time I pass by your studio…I feel such joy in my heart! Your place has transformed my self image to the better!”

Now it’s time for you, yes YOU, to do something special for yourself. To schedule your own Boudoir session with Allebach Photography, call 610.539.6920 or visit to schedule your complimentary consultation with us! 

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