Couple Puts Their Relationship On The Front Burner With Badass Boudoir Session. “We Want To Be The Cool Grandparents One Day.”

What should I expect from a couples boudoir photoshoot?

Joelene and Daniel have been married for over 11 years now and like many of us, lead very busy lives that sometimes make it difficult to connect with each other. 

“It has just been the norm to put ourselves and our relationship on the back burner,” says Joelene. The parents of two realized that treating their relationship this way was just not going to fly anymore!

How much does a couples boudoir session cost?

“We decided that this was just not acceptable! Taking part in a couple’s boudoir session was a first step towards reigniting the flame in our relationship.”

Are couples boudoir photoshoots intimate and private?

Before coming in, the couple worried they might feel a little awkward but those fears were quickly put to rest. 

“We had heard from others that Mike and Erika make you feel so comfortable. 

 We felt way more comfortable than we thought we would!”

On the day of, Joelene was more excited than a kid on Christmas morning! 

How do I prepare for a couples boudoir photoshoot?

To make their session feel more personal, they incorporated a few ideas that fit their relationship and personalities.  

“We did three different themes; one involving guitar, one involving baseball, and a very classy one involving whiskey. We wanted to pull our interests into the shoot,” said Joelene. 

Where can I find good photographers for a couples boudoir photoshoot in Delaware?
What should I wear for a couples boudoir shoot?

Joelene said they were absolutely floored when they saw their images, and that their photo reveal sticks out as her favorite part of the whole experience. 

“Holy crap!!!! We were completely floored. We never saw ourselves in that kind of light and wow, it was so awesome to see! It even made us emotional! You could really see how much we adore each other shining through those pictures.”

Is there any special lighting or backdrops used in a couples boudoir shoot?

The couple created two matted prints of a more PG rating that they could hang up in their home, as well as an album of their top 30 photos that they could have for themselves. 

Does every couple have to be nude in their photoshoot

“We want to be the cool grandparents one day that show our adult grandkids the album so they can say ‘Grandma, Grandpa! You were badasses!’” said Joelene. 

What props can I use to add some spice to my couple’s boudoir photos?

Joelene and Daniel left our studio feeling like they were on cloud nine together. 

 “We felt so connected and just so happy that we went through with it,” said Joelene, adding that they were a little bummed it was over. 

“It was definitely a confidence booster for both of us!”

Joelene said she wishes they could have done this a thousand more times and we couldn’t agree more!

“Mike and Erika make the perfect team. From the very start they made us feel comfortable. We had so much fun during the actual shoot and getting ready for it with their awesome hair/make up team. We wish we could have this experience a thousand times! We are so thankful to have had this amazing opportunity!”

What tips can I follow to make sure my couples boudoir photoshoot is successful and fun?

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