After Her Boudoir Photoshoot, She Got To See All Of The Power And Beauty Her Husband Sees

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Stacey says that throughout her life she has always felt self-conscious of her body.

 “I struggled to find myself feeling beautiful and sexy in my own skin and needing to cover my body up,” she explained. 

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Coming from a history of abuse, it hasn’t always been easy for her to bear it all, despite the loving words of encouragement from her husband, who’s been with her for the past five years. 

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“My husband has always loved my body and wishes I didn’t cover it up. His words and love helped my confidence but I needed a little boost so I chose to go out of my comfort zone.”

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Stacey decided it was time she proved to herself that she was beautiful inside and out, both with and without clothes on, which is how she ended up in our studio with her very own boudoir session.

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Though she said it felt like such a leap for her to be so vulnerable in front of the camera, once she got started, “taking the photos was so much fun and I never once worried what I looked like.”

Stacey eased into her Allebach boudoir session with a few comfort pieces from home, posing in lingerie and a lace robe, before getting to her finale, just her. 

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And instead of feeling vulnerable, the experience left her feeling both loved and confident in herself. 

“It was everything I expected. I felt sexy and couldn’t believe I looked so good!” She said. 

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Stacey said she was caught off guard by how moving her photo reveal was at the end. 

“The reveal was so surprising and I didn’t know I was going to cry seeing my photos. Erika and Mike are great photographers that deserve to be recognized for their work!”

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Though it was difficult to narrow down her favorites, ultimately she chose the ones she said best represented how she wanted to be seen with her husband. 

Stacey went home feeling more confident and in love with her body than she knew ever knew she could. 

“I am more confident and finally love my body.”

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