Photographer Mom Finally Gets In The Photos With Daughter

For the Kopaczewski family, the key to happiness is quality not quantity. 

Queen and Princess for a day, portrait photography.

“It’s just me and my daughter, Abigail,” says Jess, explaining that the duo is super close since it’s only the two of them. 

North Wales Family Photographer

Like all families, theirs keeps busy, with Jess driving Abigail to and from (as well as cheering her on) tons of activities, from dance to sports, to music, singing, art and more!

“We are always on the go,” explains Jess. 

Roller Derby Queen

Jess entered our model session call awhile back and was elated when she and her daughter were chosen. 

“I have never won anything before and was elated. I am a freelance photographer myself, so it was so special for me to be able to have photos of me and MY family this time!” she said. 

Though Jess is always photographing other people’s families, she said she was nervous because this was the first time someone was photographing her!

Montco Family Photographer

The studio put her right at ease, she said, along with our talented photographers. 

“The studio is BEAUTIFUL. I didn’t expect such a bomb ass studio. It was a dream come true with endless possibilities of magic portraits to create. Erika really honed in on what Abigail and I felt would display our crazy personalities best.”

Philadelphia Family Lifestyle Portraits

While she says she expected their session to be nothing short of professional and special, “Erika definitely exceeded my expectations! She was so easy to get along with and feel comfortable with. Abigail mentioned afterwards that it felt like we were all already best friends.”

Mom and Daughter Snuggle for Photos

She continued, “I appreciated Erika’s immensely kind soul, so so much. From start to finish this was an experience we will cherish forever, and I’m so glad she was a part of that with us.”

Glamorous Renaissance Portraits

By the end of their session, Jess and Abigail felt like super models, and they had a blast posing like queens!

Philly Suburbs, Family Photographer

“I tell everyone that we were your models…My favorite photos were….all of them! The end results were amazing. You guys are dope.”

Renaissance Family Portraits

The duo went with a photo album so they can see all of their favorite portraits in one place, anytime they want. 

“It’s going to go in our living room so that anyone and everyone can take a look!” says Jess. 

Children's Portrait Photographer in Philadelphia

Jess and Abigail (and us to!) hope they come back again in the near future to work with us again!

Mom finally in the photos!

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