Celebrating Their Adventurous Spirits With An Intimate And Spicy Couples Boudoir Photoshoot

What is Couples Boudoir Photography?

Carlos and Luciana are one dynamic duo and recently had a Couples Boudoir session with us to fuel their adventurous spirits!

How Should I Prepare For a Couples Boudoir Session?

“My husband and I have no children and love doing adventurous, spontaneous things to keep the spark alive,” said Luciana.

What Should I Wear To My Couples Boudoir Shoot?

Luciana said they’d always dreamed of doing something like this but it wasn’t until they came upon us on social media that they felt they’d found the right place. 

How Much Does a Couples Boudoir Session Cost?

Being very free-spirited people, Carlos and Luciana came into the session very sure of themselves and their relationship, but said came out even more confident.

What Kinds of Props and Wardrobe Work Well With Erotic Couples Boudoir?

They started out with photos in “fancy wear” and then gradually dressed down to boxers and sexy lingerie. Luciana said her favorite part of the day was seeing her husband relax over the course of the photo shoot. 

“At home he said he wasn’t going to get completely naked but in the end it all came off,” she said.  

What Can I Expect From an Erotic Couples Boudoir Shoot?

In general, she said, the thing that surprised them the most was just how comfortable they felt, from start to finish. 

After their session, when Carlos and Luciana finally saw their photos they said, “they were so much better than we expected!”

For their artwork, they selected the images that made them feel good about themselves and instilled a sense of empowerment. 

Are There Any Special Considerations When Doing Erotic Photography With a Partner?

Whether you’re an adventurous couple like Carlos and Luciana, or more introverted homebodies, this duo recommends that everyone in a relationship should do one. 

“Do it, don’t think about it, just do it and be free. It is a great way to reconnect with your spouse and to remember why you got together to begin with.”

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