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Lady’s Goodbye: Just a Few More Moments

Allebach Photography

Lady was our first baby. Of course she was the kind with fur. Part pit bull and the other part people would remark “that Target dog” or “Spuds MacKenzie”

She loved being wound up and going into the crazy run. You know, that side ways run dogs do. If you’ve seen it, you’ve wondered how her paws stayed attached. Every year she did that less and less and as our family grew she put up with child belly dog flops and tail grabbing.

On June 6 of this year we brought her into the studio with the family. It was a special photo session. A few weeks prior she was diagnosed with cancer that had progressed too far. Nothing could be done to treat the cancer.

So we photographed – a few more moments with Lady.allebach photography, dog, lady

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Lady-Dog-Final-4 Lady-Dog-Final-5 Lady-Dog-Final-6

And on Father’s day, 9 days after this memorial photo session we said goodbye to Lady.


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