Kicking butt and taking names for her post-divorce Allebach Photography boudoir session

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Jennifer recently came into the studio kicking butt, quite literally, in a tutu and boxing gloves!

Red boxing gloves and matching red tutu, topless boudoir photo

“I brought a tutu and my boxing gloves because my kick boxing gym that I joined after my divorce helped save me. Those pics were a special photo I felt I needed,” says the single mom of two teens. 

Jennifer’s divorce is fairly recent, only two years in, and since the split she said she’s been taking the time to find herself again. 

“I have created a bucket list and I am spending my free time checking things off my list! I am becoming the best version of me and enjoying every day of my life!”

Bright smile of a woman in a blue lace body suit, boudoir photos north wales

One of those items off her bucket list were, you guessed it, some sexy and empowering photos in the Allebach studio.

Jennifer wanted to reclaim that part of herself that is both sexy and independent, which strongly influenced her decision to be photographed and in her wardrobe choices.   

Candid moment during boudoir session

“I brought a leather outfit that makes me feel strong and independent and I brought a couple lacy outfits that made me feel sexy!” she shared with us. 

Though she was nervous, Jennifer hoped the session would help her channel the strong woman she knows she is inside, and when the time came it certainly did!

“Sparkle was wonderful doing my hair and makeup! And Erika and Mike just made me feel comfortable. It exceeded all my expectations,” adding that she cried when she saw her photos. 

“They were beautiful and it is emotional to see yourself so vulnerable, yet so strong,” she said. 

Jennifer thinks everyone should get the opportunity to see themselves this way. 

“This is just one more thing that has made me feel like enough for me!”

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