Capturing the Fire Within: Seth’s Elegant and Fierce Photo Experience as a Transgender Man

Trans man boudoir session

Living by the motto that you don’t need someone to “save you,” when you can save yourself, Seth is a transgender man that prides himself on his fire of will, his fierce independence and his consistent courage.

“I’m extroverted and fierce, I no longer fear or hold back who I am for anyone, or anything,” says Seth, who hopes to inspire other transgendered individuals to be their true selves. 

Powerful and transformative LGBTQ+ photoshoot

Growing up, Seth didn’t have any transgendered role models to look up to and doesn’t want that to be the case for others.

“I show who I am openly in the hopes another LGBTQ person sees me and goes, ‘if he can do it, so can I.’ I did not have such when I was younger. Without outward representation, I hid myself and my identity, thinking something was wrong.  So, I take it upon myself to BE that person I needed when I was younger,” he shared with us. 

LGBTQ+ friendly boudoir studio, Philadelphia

“If another sees my work and is inspired by it, I take great honor in that. Masculinity comes in many forms; I am happy to show how it can be expressed so powerfully.”

For Seth, his photo session was the perfect opportunity to show both himself and others “what a mind, body, and heart can do when you put yourself first.” In another show of putting himself first, Seth treated himself to this session on his birthday weekend!

Kinky trans man photoshoot

“I wanted to mark the occasion on my birthday weekend of achieving a life goal. I felt confident, mature, and strong in my body and mind to take this leap for myself, and I am so glad I did. It added to my confidence and courage, marking all the self-improvement work I had done.”

Though he worried that some of his fears of not being good enough or handsome enough might resurface during the shoot, Seth said he wound up feeling the complete opposite. 

“I thought I would be really nervous before the session, and when I arrived at my hotel, I was. I had driven five hours one way for it! But on day of, I felt excited, empowered, and my support network was cheering me on. I was eager for it; the excitement overrode the nerves. I expected to be so nervous, so guarded, and that it would show in my pictures somehow. It was the POLAR opposite.”

Seth’s session, which he’d envisioned for years, was both elegant and fierce, just like him. 

“I went for Elegant Ferocity; I brought sensual clothing alongside my leather and latex. I also brought swords and whips, marks of my strength and power. My outfits had a lot of symbolism, from the colors to the materials and layout on me.”

As the camera clicked away, Seth said he felt incredibly in tune with his body and self. 

“I felt handsome, powerful, beautiful, elegant, strong, and refined. The combination of sensual beauty capable of killing. I felt connected to the warrior within, which is exactly how I wanted the shoot to go and what I wanted to portray. I felt accomplished and loved, immensely supported in so many ways. Proud, for so, so many reasons,” he said. 

 And that was only half of it! Because when Seth got to sit back and see the photos he’d just created, “Time just….stopped. I saw myself and it was like walking into a room with masterpiece artwork. Biblical, powerful, it took my breath away. There are VERY few moments in my life that render me speechless, this was one of them. I was crying, teary, and in disbelief in the most wonderful way. Imagine Clare De Lune playing in the background, the epic version used in movies, that describes how I felt. Thank gods I was sitting, otherwise I know my legs would have given out from under me!”

Together, he and Erika created a photo album that he’ll be able to reach for whenever he needs a reminder of how far he’s come.

“I wanted something concrete to hold not only to mark such a momentous life goal, but also as a reminder whenever I doubt myself in any capacity.”

Since his session, Seth has been glowing. 

“I felt like I smashed through a barrier that held me back for so long, and because of that, I feel braver, stronger, and more connected with my being. I wear a suit of armor welded in self love, there is no hate from within myself or others anymore. This mindset has been SO uplifting, I feel excited and passionate, as well as capable, of the next goals ahead!”

Seth recommends everyone try a session with Allebach Photography, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community. 

“The team is very LGBTQ+ and body inclusive! They also work VERY precisely and professionally to bring the vision you have to life. Details are not overlooked, and you are very well taken care of during your whole day. They are patient, understanding, and have excellent communication. Have you ever felt like a god, goddess, or goddexx? Why not look like one too? The quality of their work is impeccable, and the passion they share for their art is palpable.”

He continued, “Do it, you will not regret it. You are not “too fat,” “too old,” and you do not have to have your partner with you. Do it for YOU. You don’t have to have a particular body type, gender, or gender expression. Come as you are with something that inspires you, the team will help you bring your vision to life!”

So what are you waiting for?! To schedule your own session with Allebach Photography, call 610.539.6920 or visit

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