“It is hard to put a price on capturing those special moments”, Rocco and Meagan Shared After Their Couples Boudoir Photoshoot

Rocco and his wife Meagan recently came into the studio to celebrate all that is good in the life they’ve built together. 

“We are always very busy and don’t have much time to ourselves. When the opportunity strikes itself, we like to celebrate the goodness of life,” said Rocco, who not only is a professor, but an athlete that competes in weightlifting, martial arts, marathons, bodybuilding and physique competitions. 

His wife, Meagan, is equally as busy working as a paralegal and owning her own charcuterie business. 

Between their careers, hobbies, five children and two dogs (a husky and a Yorkshire), Rocco and Meagan know the importance of making time for each other and being in the moment, hence booking their couples’ boudoir session with Allebach Photography. 

“We did not realize how beautiful the studio would be and how great the session would go. The backdrop and scenes depicted within the Allebach studio are top notch,” Rocco told us. 

“Once we made a connection with Mike and Erika, they were able to capture how Meagan and I felt about each other,” he added. 

The two drove three hours for their session and brought with them their wedding attire, lingerie, workout clothes and naturally, their birthday suits. 

They felt so invigorated during their session and afterwards, seeing their photos was like icing on the emotional cake. 

“You could feel the passion and love we both have for each other. The Allebach staff have a natural talent of capturing life’s greatest moments,” Rocco said. 

The couple chose an album, along with a USB with their digital downloads. They plan on keeping their intimate photos to themselves and sharing the rest with family and friends. 

Before leaving the studio, the couple participated in our little tradition of signing the bathroom wall with a “We rocked it!”

Rocco and Meagan cannot recommend a couples boudoir session enough. 

“It is hard to put a price on capturing those special moments. Capture your youth and vitality. Then one day you’ll look back and be able to share those memories with your grand kids and others. Celebrate what GOD gave you! Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Life is short, take that photo, treat yourself.”

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