After Opening Up About Being Polyamorous, She Decided To Book A Couples Boudoir Session To Celebrate Her Relationship

Polyamorous Couples Boudoir

Makayla has been married to her husband for over five years and over the past couple of years their relationship has gone through some major transformations. 

Poly friendly boudoir studio philadelphia

“I opened up about being polyamorous a little over a year ago, and after a while working with my husband, Kalvin, on our own relationship and understanding our own needs/boundaries/insecurities we both decided we were comfortable with me finding another partner,” Makayla says. 

Not too long afterwards, Makayla met her boyfriend, Nick, while working at the same hotel and all parties agreed to a polyamorous Vee dynamic relationship. 

Vee relationship couples boudoir

“I’ve been with my boyfriend for 10 months now, and the boys organically became best friends. We do a lot together, and love going on adventures separately and as a polycule. We’re all very outdoorsy and artsy, so there’s lots of projects and photos everywhere at my house. My boyfriend has a dog who recently had puppies so my husband and I are getting one! It’s been a year of growth!” says Makayla. 

(FYI, There are many types of polyamorous relationships, and a Vee relationship simply means one person acts as the “hinge” or “pivot” partner dating two people.  The other two people are not romantically or sexually involved with each other. “My husband is still monogamous, as is my boyfriend.”)

When Makayla found out that we, at Allebach Photography, were down with all kinds of relationships, she excitedly decided to book a couple’s session with her boyfriend. 

“My boyfriend and I already enjoy taking our own photos, so I knew we’d have fun with it,” she said, adding that while her husband respects the style, it wasn’t really her his kind of jam.

So Makayla and Nick made a trip out of it, they booked a hotel, packed up their lingerie and nice outfits, and drove the several hours from Western Maryland. 

And boy, were they glad they did. 

“I can’t put into words how much fun our couples boudoir session was. I was so nervous about not having good outfits, about not having experience and not really feeling like my body is all that special and being awkward from overthinking during the shoot,” adding that a little bubbly before getting started put her at ease. 

“After a couple minutes the nerves went away, and by the end of our first outfit I was like, ’I got this. Hell yeah!’” said Makayla. 

“It’s okay to be nervous but you gotta trust the team! They make everything so comfortable and easy going! This team is amazing at hyping you up! Sara pulled some magic that made me look so freaking glammed out in a style that fit me and our outfits! It was so much fun the entire time, the amount of options on the set, and types of sessions offered, and just how awesome working with everyone was,” she continued. 

Afterwards the couple hung out in our gallery showroom and then the big photo reveal came. 

“The little waiting area after the photos is SO NICE! Y’all go all out with the little waters and snack tray, OMG. Loved it. During the slideshow I actually cried at how beautiful we looked. Goosebumps and runny mascara and all. These photos were sexy. They were passionate. They were full of love. And just entirely us. It’s like seeing movie stars in a magazine, but instead it was my bf and I. We both don’t really like our teeth/smiles and let Mike know that, but many of our favorites were actually of us smiling/laughing together!”

And she was also surprised by how much she loved the shots we took of her booty. 

“The booty shots! I don’t know why entirely, but they made me laugh/smile the most. My boyfriend loved them as well.”

Makayla left feeling like she is now able to see herself the way both her boyfriend and her husband see her. 

“They were beautiful…I never expected to see myself like that.”

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