After Over a Decade’s Long Marriage, They Celebrated With a Couples Boudoir Experience and Can’t Wait To Do It Again

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Kasey and Matt really wanted to do something special to celebrate how far they’ve come in their marriage of 14 years and couldn’t imagine a more picture perfect way to do that. 

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“Having 3 kids takes up most of our time but recently we have really focused on strengthening our marriage. We have really made it through some tricky times and we made it together. Doing a couples boudoir shoot seemed like the perfect thing to showcase our love for one another,” Kasey shared.

They could barely contain their excitement leading up to their session. 

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“We were so excited! Honestly we weren’t very nervous at all! We were just so excited to get to have this experience together. Obviously there were a little nervous about being so vulnerable in front of other people but that went away so quickly,” says Matt.

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The couple, who still adore one another and balance each other out so well even after being together for more than a decade, decided to go the classy route for their photo session.

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“Matt wanted to go for a dressy look so he brought gray pants, a white dress shirt and a thin black tie, down to some Calvin’s! I went for a little black dress followed up by a couple of my favorite lingerie pieces,” Kasey said. 

Kasey said she was surprised by how quickly the day flew by, but said they cherished every single moment, from the belly laughs to the smoldering looks they exchanged.

“We laughed so much and enjoyed literally every minute! It made us see each other in such a sexy way. I keep thinking of how incredible we both looked and felt that day.”

The day only got better from there, as they still had their photo reveal to look forward to. 

“When I first saw the images I was in love! I couldn’t believe how amazing they turned out. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world seeing how beautiful we looked!” said Kasey. 

Though they thought initially they’d have trouble singling out their favorite photos, Kasey and Matt found it surprisingly easy as they selected the images they loved most of each other.  

“It made us feel incredible. So sexy and connected to one another. We left and immediately said we wanted to do it again! This day was such a special one for the two of us. Thank you to both Mike and Erika for making it a perfect day. Right down to fixing Matts ‘hair-rection’ to making sure my “girls” stayed exactly where they were meant to be! I can’t imagine a more picture perfect day!”

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