His Brand New Dating Profile Intrigued Her Into New Love and A Sexy Boudoir Photography Session Together

When Kristen first landed on Traves’ dating profile, she felt cautious, yet intrigued.  

 “He messaged me the night he made his profile. I could see his profile information, age, and profession. No name, no pictures…but I was intrigued. He asked me out that day! I watch a lot of true crime… have an active imagination, and well, I like being alive and wasn’t interested in being unalive, so I declined,” said Kristen, looking back on their first encounter. 

Still, the two chatted. And then they started talking on the phone more and more and getting to know each other. 

“The next time he asked me out, I accepted without trepidation. It was the best fucking decision I ever made,” said Kristen. 

“It sounds cliché, I thought I knew what love was…I had no idea until I met Traves,” she adds.

Doing a couples boudoir session with her now boyfriend, Traves, was a complete win win for Kristen. 

“I’ve always admired those who did boudoir sessions and have always wanted to do one. Seeing couples boudoir sessions and wanting to celebrate my love for this amazing human…how could I not ask him. When he said yes, I knew he was the one. Jumping in with both feet and eyes wide open…just like our relationship. It was perfect!”

Kristen admits that she’s always felt at war with her body, so she was completely surprised by how comfortable she felt in her own skin the day of their session, though she credits our lead photographers for putting her at ease. 

“Mike and Erika are amazing humans who have the ability to make you feel completely at ease. Celebrate yourself! You only have one life, live it!! You won’t regret it.”

Though she knew how she felt about Traves, and vice versa, the couple was still blown away to see that love captured in photographs. 

“I know how I feel about Traves and how he feels about me. But to see our love, so powerful. We can’t wait to see the final results and share some of the pictures from our ‘spicy box’ with friends!”

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