After 9 Years Apart, This Couple Found Their Way Back To Each Other, Celebrating Their Undeniable Connection With A Couples Boudoir Session

“In these photos you’ll see my best friend, my shining light, my laughter when I’m down, my peace and happiness, the only person on this Earth that totally gets me – all of me, my complete comfort zone.”

This honest reflection of her session from Heather, is exactly why we love what we do at Allebach Photography. 

Heather and her partner Marcus spent eight years together, from high school until their early twenties. They did a lot of growing up together, which included unimaginable hardships like losing Heather’s father tragically in an accident and Heather and her youngest almost dying in childbirth.

“We were young with four young children and had a lot on our plates,” Heather explained of that time in their lives. 

Due to an overwhelming stream of rough patches, the pair decided to part ways – for nine whole years – but, as Heather says, “love could not keep us separated.”  

“After being apart for nine years we knew our lives could not be lived without the other,” she said. 

Heather and Marcus’s session with us was a celebration of two souls that, despite life’s obstacles, found their way back to each other. 

“Our children are now teenagers. One has gone off to school and one will graduating and leaving in a few months as well. Life has been a roller coaster of changing times from the pandemic to the household dynamics changing with growing children.” 

She continued, “Our session was a great refresher for our relationship. I wanted to capture life as we still knew it, the beauty in what’s left of our youthful souls. I knew that if I wanted to do something like this I wanted the best of the best to do it! Mike and Erika were truly amazing with making my nerves not so bad.”

Heather and Marcus will now have a permanent reminder of the strength of each other, both as individuals and as a power couple, hanging in their bedroom. 

“The session left me feeling powerful, sexy, and beautiful. When I look at our photos it literally takes my breath away. My self-esteem has increased and anytime I need a reminder, I just look at our photos and am reminded of how kickass I really am! I love our love story and I love this man with my entire being.”

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