Expecting New Mom Embraces Her Changing Body, Reconnecting With Her Power, Passion and Beauty

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Our maternity boudoir sessions are quickly becoming a staple of self-care for moms to be!

“I wanted to do something for myself before baby’s arrival. I also just wanted to celebrate this pregnancy as I have experienced multiple miscarriages in my life and I’m excited for our miracle baby!” says Tahira, an expecting mother who came into the studio for a maternity boudoir session with us. 

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Tahira has had a rough fertility journey. After experiencing multiple miscarriages, lucky number 8 will be her first child, due next month! The couple is keeping the gender a surprise until the birth. 

“The infinity number. I have to admit that with so many losses I was very scared with this pregnancy, scared my body would fail me, scared of being embarrassed after telling everyone we were pregnant,” she explained.  

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The pregnancy was made even scarier when Tahira discovered she was positive for COVID-19.

“However, that isolation time gave me the space to face my fears, address my concerns and do a personal deep dive and connect with my baby on a unique level. All of the voices and opinions around me were pretty much gone for a whole month. I would talk to baby for hours and I feel so truly connected in a way I never have before. I fell in love with the unique nature of the human body. How powerful, nurturing, strong and beautiful it was.”

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Tahira has spent several years becoming comfortable in her own skin. In high school she was a cheerleader and found herself constantly comparing herself to the other girls and then to her smaller body as she gained weight.  

“I have worked hard to get to a place where I love myself and my body! I spent years burying myself in baggy clothes, but I started to love myself again. Doing a bunch of personal development and coaching a cheer team as an adult helped me become proud of my body again,” she says. In fact, Tahira now actually works as a life coach to help others see their own potential as well.

When Tahira found out she was pregnant last fall, she found herself looking at her body in a challenging and new light. 

“Watching my body stretch out, and grow plump was uncomfortable at times. So many changes and just feeling like my body did not belong to me. I started doing affirmations and appreciating every stretch mark (reassurance that body and baby were growing), every pound gained, and every little change was just one step closer to me getting to my baby,” she said. 

Tahira started buying cute maternity clothing and embracing her changing body and her pregnancy. That’s when she began looking into a maternity boudoir session. 

“I wanted to do something to not only create memories, but show appreciation for my body at all stages, feel beautiful, powerful and sexy,” she explains. 

Tahira says going into the session she was still a little nervous about feeling sexy while pregnant but that those concerns quickly disappeared as the session got underway and a natural flow unfolded. Armed with two gorgeous robe-like gowns and a lace bra and panty set, she felt “empowered, capable, beautiful and ready to take on the world!”

“It was better than I expected! Watching the artists come up with beautiful shots and poses and making a vision come to life…The photographers were amazing and brought out a natural flow in me.”

She was speechless when she saw her photos, at how incredible and comfortable in her own skin she looked. Where she was once a little unsure about her growing body, she now fully embraces it!

“I am loving the silhouette and curves of my belly, breasts and hips. I am so excited about my body changes and recognizing that it’s not only stretching my body but it’s also stretching me. Reminding me of my flexibility, power and passions. Loving me at every stage of life and everything at my shoot was magical. Erika and Mike made me feel so comfortable and powerful and beautiful. If you want to feel beautiful, sexy than I would highly recommend a boudoir maternity shoot.”

At Allebach Photography, we’re all about celebrating the body and all it’s beautiful stages in life. To book your maternity boudoir session, call 610.539.6920 or by visiting http://allebachphotography.com/contact/

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