Greystone Hall West Chester Wedding and John Serock Catering

We previewed this flapper styled wedding but now you’re getting the deets.

Greystone Hall


1034 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, PA 19380
(610) 696-1272


John Serock Catering


835 Lincoln Ave, West Chester, PA 19380
(610) 640-2836

GreystoneHall1 GreystoneHall2 GreystoneHall3 GreystoneHall4 GreystoneHall5 GreystoneHall6 GreystoneHall7 GreystoneHall8 GreystoneHall9 GreystoneHall10 GreystoneHall11 GreystoneHall12 GreystoneHall13 GreystoneHall14 GreystoneHall15 GreystoneHall16 GreystoneHall17 GreystoneHall18 GreystoneHall19

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