Couple Shares An Allebach Photography Experience To Reconnect After A Challenging Couple of Years

couples boudoir shoot helping to start a family

Jason and Francesca came into the studio for a couple’s boudoir session after realizing it could help them reconnect after getting through a challenging 2020 together. 

Overcoming stress with a romantic photo session

“2020/2021 was challenging for us in a personal way and I think that doing this photoshoot brought us much closer to each other as a couple and to us as individuals,” Francesca says. 

Seeing true beauty through someone else’s eyes

“We’ve been trying to start a family and the stress of that was really wearing on both of us and he [Jason] really wanted to find something new we could do together and bring us back towards one another.”

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Jason and Francesca met in college and though they grew up in very different parts of New York (him from the rolling hills of Binghamton and her from the concrete jungle that is NYC) they were able to form a relationship based on their similar interests and introverted personalities.  

Shocked at the amazing results of boudoir photography

“We can, and still do have times, where we disagree on things because we grew up very differently. I am very loud mouth, in your face, will tell you like it is and not care of the consequences while he is more reserved, methodical and analytical,” Francesca explains.

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Francesca says their marriage got off to a shaky start, as Jason’s job as a Meteorologist caused them to move frequently and brought a lot of issues along the way. But it also allowed them the opportunity to grow as a couple and rise above their challenges. 

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“We had a very rocky start during the beginning of our marriage and in some ways we didn’t think we were going to make it. I think because of that rocky start, we’ve learned a lot about each other, what we can and can’t deal with and what we want and don’t want.”

One thing they realized was that there’s no place like home. 

“Ever since moving back to New York, where we’re both from, things have gotten a lot better. We’ve made some really amazing friends that enjoy us for us in all of our loud, crazy ways, we bought a home and got back to doing things we enjoyed and started to travel more.”

As an added bonus to strengthening their relationship, another reason Jason wanted to do a session with us, was so that Francesca could see herself the way he sees her. 

“He has always wished I could see myself through his eyes. I am never 100 percent happy with the way certain clothes/outfits/lingerie look on me while he is just speechless or teary-eyed. He always tells me how beautiful I am and while I know he means it I’ve never felt or believed it.”

For this reason, Francesca has never really been a fan of getting her photo taken. 

“I don’t like how I look or when I think I look good I look at the pics, I automatically hate them. Like a lot of people, I don’t like how parts of my body look and think I look worse than I probably do.”

Though she was nervous she wouldn’t like her photos, Francesca said she decided to take the leap of faith after her and Jason looked through our online portfolio. 

“We looked at all the pictures online and saw people of all different shapes and sizes and how amazing they looked in those pictures. So if they could feel good about themselves then we could too.”

And like so many happy clients that have come before them, their photos did not disappoint.

Francesca says she was, “Shocked. Shocked at how beautiful and amazing they were. Shocked at how much of keen eye they both had for different poses and what outfits they thought would be best. It was so beautiful to see how amazing they were but also how amazing we were and how our love for each other really came out in the photos. Pictures truly are worth a thousand words and all of them were beautiful and romantic and fun!

She continued, “The day of the session was a magical whirlwind! Everything was amazing from the hair and makeup to Mike and Erika being not just professionals but just wonderful, open-minded and amazing human beings! They really work with you and your ideas and what your comfort level was and [we] never felt like we were being forced to do anything we weren’t comfortable with or didn’t want to do!”

In fact, Francesca was SO happy with how beautiful she looked, and with how well we captured her and Jason’s relationship, that the couple decided to upgrade their album from 30 photos to over 50 images. 

“There was just so many great pictures and it was so so so hard to narrow down. We also upgraded from a 16 by 24 to a 20 by 30 print we are going to place over our bed. Bigger is definitely better. Let your pictures shine!”

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