He Gifted Her An Allebach Photography Boudoir Session For Her Birthday and She Chose To Do It Together

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Dennis and Randee love story began when they met by chance at a dance club near the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk. 

“Neither of us were looking to meet someone but his smile was all it took for me to agree to just one dance,” says Randee. 

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 After a night of fun dancing and gentlemanly behavior on Dennis’s part, the pair exchanged numbers and they’ve been inseparable ever since. 

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“The thing I love most about Dennis is his confidence in who he is, what he wants, and his protectiveness of those he loves,” Randee shared with us. 

It was the protectiveness and love for Randee that brought the two of them into the studio. 

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Dennis knows Randee struggles with her self-confidence and thought that a boudoir session with us would leave her feeling as beautiful as he thinks she is.  

“He continuously tells me and shows me how beautiful he believes I am, so for my birthday he gave me the gift of a boudoir session,” says Randee. 

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Dennis added, “My hard working nurse girlfriend is a super sexy, elegant and powerful woman. Yet I feel she doesn’t see what I see in her beauty. So I thought this would be fun way to get her to see and feel as beautiful as I see her.” 

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The two decided that they’d be more comfortable (plus it’d be more fun!) doing a session together and they were super happy they had each other to settle their nerves. 

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“I wanted him by my side during the experience and I am so thankful he joined me! We both were extremely nervous on the drive to our session. Not sure what to wear or what to expect, I brought five outfits just to have options,” Randee said.

Dennis brought formal wear, country style and Randee wore a cocktail dress and lingerie. After warming up with the first few photos, they easily found themselves relaxing and getting more excited about showing their love for one another. 

“I was so thankful Erika was there to help with the little details…as happy I as was to be there it’s still hard knowing someone is filming you! So again thank you Erika for helping me to relax and look natural!” Randee said. 

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Dennis says his favorite part of the day was watching his girl and when it came time to see their photos they were simply blown away. 

“Watching the after show of our pictures put together on screen took my breath away…they showed how I love that man and I could see through the pictures how he loves me. Leaving there our already ignited love was re-sparked!”

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