Single, 40, and child-free-by-choice, Ashley’s boudoir experience is a reminder that life is just as fulfilling as a married woman with kids.

Badass roller derby boudoir

Single and child-free-by-choice, Ashley believes in showing up as your authentic self, in whatever form that takes. 

“I play roller derby, practice small rodent taxidermy, and love a good knitting/crotchet project as I hang with my senior cat Minina. I love hiking and backpacking and just generally getting lost in the woods. I’m a lover of podcasts, coffee, books, snuggling, and of showing up as my authentic self,” says Ashley, who is 100 percent unapologetic for who she is and what her interests are. 

That is the spirit she wanted to convey in her photos when she came into Allebach for her Boudoir Session, which she gifted to herself for her 40th birthday. 

“Honestly, being single at 40 and with no kids is a mixed bag of emotions. Doing this photoshoot was the best reminder to myself that I AM ENOUGH, even if I don’t have what everyone else has,” says Ashley. “My life experience is no less important than a woman with kids or a woman who is married.”

Old hollywood vintage boudoir

To translate her authentic self into her photos, Ashley brought a mix of items that made her feel like herself, like her fishnet stockings and roller skates, along with a top hat and pearls. And of course, we can’t forget a birthday crown. 

While Ashley wasn’t quite sure what to expect, she went into her session with an open mind and ended up leaving feeling invincible. 

“I was surprised by how beautiful I looked in the photographs!”

40th birthday boudoir

When Ashley saw her images, she felt something she hadn’t expected as a woman with no children of her own; a maternal love for her inner child.

“I know it sounds strange, but I viewed the photos as if I was my soul’s caretaker and was soothing an inner child that I have been healing.”

She chose an album of her favorites – “a beautiful, personal, secret, and raw physical item that portrays the true me. I like the ability to refer to it whenever and however I choose” – to remember this special birthday. 

“I feel like I’ve entered my 40s with a new stable sense of self. I’m more self-assured and confident in who I am and this photoshoot cemented it.”

Happy birthday, Ashley!

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