Ready for the Adventurous Couples Boudoir Vacation Experience?

Wes and Holly each live busy lives and have found that the best thing they’ve been able to do for their relationship is to make time for each other. 

Anniversary Couples Photography

“With small trips intertwined with our busy day to day we put the effort into focusing on ‘us’ enjoying each other’s company and always getting to learn just a little bit more about each other,” says Holly. 

Anniversary Couples Photography

Wes is the owner and head chef of two prominent restaurants in North Carolina and Holly is a single mother of two children who works a full time job while also running a small at home bakery business. 

Anniversary Couples Boudoir Photographer

The two have much in common, from their love and passion for food, to being artists in their own respectable ways. 

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“Both of us are very social but also reserved in a way when it pertains to our personal life. Wes and I have been dating now for just about three years with some obstacles along the way but we always find each other in the end and end up exactly where we belong and that is with each other,” says Holly. 

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It was their commitment to making time for each other that brought them to the studio. 

Philadelphia Couples Boudoir

They decided to book their session, “after reading reviews and how comfortable everyone else was with Mike and Erika. Also because my partner makes me feel safe,” Holly added.

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Holly says they were intrigued to do a couple’s boudoir session with us because it was such a “unique, exciting, and fun experience and that their favorite part of the whole experience was having “the freedom to express our intimacy for each other!”

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The couple brought a ton of variation in outfits to play around with for their session, from lingerie for Holly to a suit and tie with suspenders for Wes. And Wes even brought his apron and chef coat!

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Holly says their session was what she expected and yet so much more. 

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“I was surprised by how comfortable I felt with the photographers. Mike and Erika both were extremely friendly, professional, comforting and fun! And the quality of pictures and experience exceeded our expectations. I was surprised by how well we both photographed.”

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The two chose the album with 34 pictures.

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She continued, “I have gained a new sense of confidence both personally with my self image and also with my relationship and what we really are as a couple and I would have never don’t it with anyone else! Best experience as a individual and couple! Let your fears and nerves bring you to a whole new level of appreciation for doing something you maybe never thought you would.” 

Couples Boudoir Traveling Vacation
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Take time out of your own busy schedule for your relationship! To book your own couple’s boudoir session with Allebach Photography call 610.539.6920 or visit . Not sure yet? Join our Facebook VIP group here.

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