On Allebach Photography Couples Boudoir – “It Has Rekindled Sparks In Our Marriage That The Business Of Life Started To Dull.”

Couple, faces close, eyes locked boudoir

Shannon and Michael met 6 years ago at an NA meeting and have helped each other stay in long-term recovery ever since. 

“We both have a love for the outdoors and the magic of nature, all things Halloween and horror, tattoos and pin ups. He likes riding his quad in the woods, photography, tarot cards, video games, movies and sports. I love taking my kayak out on the water, hiking in the woods, bird watching, art, painting and photography,” Shannon described her and her husband’s interests. 

Red velvet bed with kinky leather outfit, man's hand around woman's neck.

Shannon initially came across the Allebach Photography studio when she was considering a solo boudoir session as an anniversary gift to her husband. As she began to follow us on social media, she decided that rather than do a session FOR her husband, why not do a session WITH him. 

Black and white photo of a woman with her hands in her hair, bare back, black lace thong, with husband watching from the bed.

Though she knew Michael, or Mike as he also goes by, might be a little shy, she felt confident that if any studio would make her husband feel comfortable with the idea of boudoir, it was Allebach’s. 

“I started following Mike (Allebach) and all the social media platforms the studio is on. I watched their live videos and became an instant fan. Mike and Erika’s openness and acceptance of body types, colors, sexual preferences and over all kindness really attracted me,” Shannon said. 

Black and white photo of a tattooed couple, woman straddled on man
Black and white photo of a woman on a saint andrews cross, man holding riding crop to her chin

Though the day of the session Mike was apprehensive, Shannon was pleasantly surprised by how quickly he warmed up to the process. 

“My husband surprised me. He warmed up and was made very comfortable and at ease quickly after entering the studio. 

Photo of man holding wife's hair and thong underwear, up against a wall

She continued, “Mike and Erika are genuinely wonderful people. They immediately make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Now anytime I take a picture of myself I hear Erika in my head going ‘ahhhh’.” 

Black and white photo of a woman on her stomach, on a bed, with her husband's hand around her throat.

Having Mike feel more comfortable with the process definitely allowed for them to get both sensual and a little silly during their session. In addition to all the sexy pieces they brought (high heels, bodysuits, girdles, suspenders), they also had some fun with some a Bride of Frankenstein wig and a Frankenstein mask as a nod to their shared love of Halloween!

Bride of Frankenstein inspired couples boudoir photo. Women in bride of frankenstein wig, draped in white fabric, man in frankenstein's monster's mask.

When Shannon first laid eyes on their photos she “cried through the whole slide show. I never saw myself so beautiful and strong and sexy.”

For their artwork, the couple chose the photos that made them feel the most sensual. 

“Pictures we couldn’t get anywhere else.”

Shannon said that since their session, not only does she have more confidence, but also the fire in their relationship has been rekindled. 

“It has rekindled sparks in our marriage that the business of life started to dull.”

When asked about her favorite part of the experience, Shannon said, “The connection my husband and I experienced, and of course the beautiful art we get to cherish for the rest of our lives.”

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